Personal Taste

I have so much school work I should be doing…this goes to show how dedicated I am to kdramas and this blog. :’)

The second drama I’ve ever watched was Personal Taste. I fell in love with Boys Over Flowers and decided that I needed more Lee Min Ho in my life.
It’s such a funny, yet cute drama! I totally recommend it if you enjoyed Boys Over Flowers; it doesn’t have too much drama, but it’s not too dull either.
The plot is is centered around Park Gae In, an unorganized furniture designer, and Jeon Jin Ho, a CEO of an architecture company. Gae In lives alone in a famous house designed by her father. Her long time boyfriend cheated on her with her “best friend” and she gets super upset. Jin Ho needs to access her house for a competition. All these things combine for something very messy, but cute to occur. :3

I personally didn’t like Lee Min Ho’s hair in this one, but Son Ye Jin’s (Park Gae In) acting blew me away. Lee Min Ho’s attitude was cute though.


My Crappy Day

I’ve been having such a crappy day today.

Maybe it’s because I feel like I have no friends there for me, or maybe it’s because I totally missed a question I shouldn’t have on my first comp sci test, or maybe it’s because I had to dash all the way to the orchestra room to get my French book that I left there (that’s how dedicated I am to French-I’m not very athletic).

I don’t know why I feel so crappy.

I just want to go home and eat…and watch dramas, which I currently can’t because of my drama-fast. I feel like I’m becoming such a lazy, unproductive person right now….I guess that’s maybe how all drama addicts feel at one point or another. Just isolated from the real world, dreaming of the day when your life becomes a Korean drama.
I actually am glad that I became addicted to Korean dramas, believe it or not. Korean dramas gave me such joy and happiness. I guess it made me realize that there are better things to do in life than studying, eating, and breathing air.

He Who Wears the Crown, Must Endure Its Weight

So most people in the kdrama world know about this, but you may be wondering what is heirs?
Basically, heirs, or He Who Wears the Crown, Must Endure Its Weight (there are millions of other variations of the super long title) is a highly anticipated Korean drama featuring many popular Korean stars such as Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Min Kyuk, and Krystal Jung, just to name a few. Anyway, it’s supposedly about a poor girl (who works at a pizza shop?) and a rich guy who fall in love. Oh yeah, they’re in high school too. I’m kind of depressed because it may be Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s last high school role drama (they’re getting a bit old). I don’t know about you, but it feels like a repeat of Boys Over Flowers/You’re Beautiful to me (I will describe all the dramas I have watched this summer, which is like 8-9, in later posts). I’ve been keeping up with everything, and the latest news so far is that they ended filming for episode 1 on the 23rd. I’m so anxious for the drama, so don’t be surprised when I mention it super often in later posts!!

P.s. Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Krystal will come to the US of A to film! Too bad it’s in Los Angeles.

Boys Over Flowers

Probably one of the most addicting and confusing dramas of all time. Boys Over Flowers. The mainstream drama that fuels the intense kdrama addiction.

Starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, and Ku Hye Sun, Boys Over Flowers is THE drama. Pretty much everyone has watched it. It’s basically a drama about the high school life of a super rich group of kids who call themselves F4 and this poor girl who is the daughter of a laundry owner. The arrogant leader of F4 falls for the poor girl and a lot of chaos happens.
Basically if you’re wondering why everyone is so obsessed with Korean dramas, watch this drama and you’ll see for yourself.


My Strange Addiction

So it all began on the warm spring of 2013…my korean drama addiction that is.
I still remember the day I became overly obsessed with kdramas. My friend and I were calmly walking down the never ending halls of Brandeis high school when we were suddenly talking about korean dramas. One of my friends in middle school loved watching them, so of course I knew more than I wanted to on the topic. I actually forced myself to watch an episode of this one drama called Boys Over Flowers because she kept going on and on about the greatness of kdramas. Well, I thought the main dude of that drama, Lee Min Ho, was extremely annoying and arrogant, which ultimately made me stop watching. Okay, so back to where we were walking. So my friend and I were walking and she’s like: “Lee Min Ho is so cute!” And I was kind of scratching my head and wondering if anything was wrong with myself. In the end, I decided to watch one more episode of Boys Over Flowers.
I actually lied about the ‘one more episode’ part because I watched 5 more that evening. I couldn’t believe it….I actually liked it! And after that, my drama addiction just flourished to something that even I can’t comprehend.

So yeah…that’s how my weird obsession began.