My Strange Addiction

So it all began on the warm spring of 2013…my korean drama addiction that is.
I still remember the day I became overly obsessed with kdramas. My friend and I were calmly walking down the never ending halls of Brandeis high school when we were suddenly talking about korean dramas. One of my friends in middle school loved watching them, so of course I knew more than I wanted to on the topic. I actually forced myself to watch an episode of this one drama called Boys Over Flowers because she kept going on and on about the greatness of kdramas. Well, I thought the main dude of that drama, Lee Min Ho, was extremely annoying and arrogant, which ultimately made me stop watching. Okay, so back to where we were walking. So my friend and I were walking and she’s like: “Lee Min Ho is so cute!” And I was kind of scratching my head and wondering if anything was wrong with myself. In the end, I decided to watch one more episode of Boys Over Flowers.
I actually lied about the ‘one more episode’ part because I watched 5 more that evening. I couldn’t believe it….I actually liked it! And after that, my drama addiction just flourished to something that even I can’t comprehend.

So yeah…that’s how my weird obsession began.


2 thoughts on “My Strange Addiction

  1. Glad you got into dramas!! Although don’t get too addicted… Or is it too late to say that? XD Anyway, keep it up with your drama-fast! Can’t wait for your next posts on here hehe ;D

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