My Crappy Day

I’ve been having such a crappy day today.

Maybe it’s because I feel like I have no friends there for me, or maybe it’s because I totally missed a question I shouldn’t have on my first comp sci test, or maybe it’s because I had to dash all the way to the orchestra room to get my French book that I left there (that’s how dedicated I am to French-I’m not very athletic).

I don’t know why I feel so crappy.

I just want to go home and eat…and watch dramas, which I currently can’t because of my drama-fast. I feel like I’m becoming such a lazy, unproductive person right now….I guess that’s maybe how all drama addicts feel at one point or another. Just isolated from the real world, dreaming of the day when your life becomes a Korean drama.
I actually am glad that I became addicted to Korean dramas, believe it or not. Korean dramas gave me such joy and happiness. I guess it made me realize that there are better things to do in life than studying, eating, and breathing air.


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