Personal Taste

I have so much school work I should be doing…this goes to show how dedicated I am to kdramas and this blog. :’)

The second drama I’ve ever watched was Personal Taste. I fell in love with Boys Over Flowers and decided that I needed more Lee Min Ho in my life.
It’s such a funny, yet cute drama! I totally recommend it if you enjoyed Boys Over Flowers; it doesn’t have too much drama, but it’s not too dull either.
The plot is is centered around Park Gae In, an unorganized furniture designer, and Jeon Jin Ho, a CEO of an architecture company. Gae In lives alone in a famous house designed by her father. Her long time boyfriend cheated on her with her “best friend” and she gets super upset. Jin Ho needs to access her house for a competition. All these things combine for something very messy, but cute to occur. :3

I personally didn’t like Lee Min Ho’s hair in this one, but Son Ye Jin’s (Park Gae In) acting blew me away. Lee Min Ho’s attitude was cute though.


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