Heirs Christmas Special

Heirs Christmas Special

So when I first heard about the Heirs Christmas episode I thought I was just going to explode. Why did they have to torture us with another boring episode of endless staring. To be honest, I was really looking forward to the drama, but the static plot and the depressing characters just turned me off. Although I ended up finishing the entire drama (surprisingly), I felt like I wasted so much time watching a bunch of nonsense happen. The drama had so much potential!! πŸ˜₯ wahhh



So I realized that I talk a lot about kdramas; and with kdramas lead to kpop. How did kpop een become as popular as it is today? Catchy beats, cute dances, and random English words just make us happy.Β 

I have recently gotten into kpop upbeat, workout music and so here is part of my playlist:Β 

IU- Good Day, You and I

Big Bang- Fantastic Baby, Lies

Group of 20 (I didn’t know about them until I randomly found the song on YouTube)- Let’s Go

F(x)- Electric Shock

SNSD- Gee, Oh!, Run Devil Run

Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry

Super Junior M- Go, Super Girl, Break Down

CNBLUE- I’m Sorry, One More Time, L.O.V.E. Girl

FT Island- I Wish, Memory

SHINee- Stand By Me, Dream Girl

Wonder Girls- Nobody

I know a lot of my songs are probably really outdated, but I really enjoy them and I hope you find some to add to your playlist!


Sorry guys for not posting for awhile! WordPress had some weird problems on my phone and I forgot my password to log back in! Nevertheless, I’m back with more drama tidbits and gossip, keep checking in for more! πŸ™‚