Thoughts About Big Bang Comeback

So recently, Big Bang “made” a comeback after four years of hiatus, making fans anxious, and later, a bit uninterested (at least in my point of view). They came back with their new album MADE, which according to the company president Yang Hyun Suk, is supposed to be their greatest work to date. Well, at this point we all know that we can’t trust what YG has to say. He promised that iKon would debut in the spring, and that promise is not looking like it will be fulfilled in the near future. So this time around, Big Bang has decided to release music videos for every single song on their album. They first launched their comeback into the Kpop scene with the single Loser and Bae Bae, which are quite addictive if I must say myself. But I feel like they try more to be cool than to have impressive lyrics. The newer music video that has been released, Bang Bang Bang, is outrightly weird and their second song won’t be made into a music video it seems. Although I am looking forward to what their title song in the album will be (which apparently will be released in November), I am left wondering what will happen to the other groups at YG Entertainment. What about WINNER and iKon? I guess for the moment us fans will have to suffice with Big Bang slowly releasing tracks. In the future, I will review the new Big Bang tracks in MADE as they come out.

Thoughts about individual tracks that have been released:


I actually liked this song the first time I listened to it.I thought Gdragon’s parts were most prevalent in this music video. It was a surprise that this was their first song that was released after their long hiatus because it was so mellow and the tune IMMA LOSER is always in the back of my mind. Whenever I sing that chorus part out loud people give me weird looks and then continue on. I would say it has a pretty catchy tune and the chord progressions are really nice and well thought out. Congrats Ji-yong on another successful track.

Bae Bae

I honestly think the way they say “bae bae” is weird. Am I the only one? But this track truly characterizes the one of a kind feel of Big Bang and YG Entertainment in general. TOP’s multi-colored eyes sort of creep me out; his part is catchy, but whenever I watch the live performances I cringe at his solo parts. Gdragon also tries out some interesting fashion when performing this song, one of which includes wearing a jacket only on one shoulder. Somehow he can pull it off.

Bang Bang Bang

I would say that the motorcycles part is a little too much. The song is typical clubbing music, it has a catch phrase (guess what it is?) and the rest is mainly electronic with some chants in the background. The message that this song delivers is quite weird, and the music video further proves that. Daesung and Gd’s parts are a bit…interesting. However, I give them props for having so much stage presence. They can stand there and not look a single bit awkward or out of place.

We Like 2 Party

Since there is no music video for this song, I can only judge it on the quality of the song. In general, I think it was a good idea to not have a visual aspect to this song because it is easily forgettable. It is a party song, but so is Bang Bang Bang, so nothing sets it apart from Bang Bang Bang and past Big Bang songs. I feel like this song is more of a filler, but nevertheless, it is still topping the charts at #2, right behind Bang Bang Bang, currently.


Back From Long Hiatus!

Hi guys! I just completed my junior year, tears and pain left behind. Throughout the year, I felt like I had no time to comment on the various shows I watched and enjoyed so I will make up for it by posting two posts a week starting next week! I have watched a good amount of dramas throughout the years and I would like to review them so that hopefully you will be inspired to watch them. Thanks for being with me!