I Remember You

So after a (sort of) long break from dramas, I got hooked on this new Seo In-Guk drama called I Remember You, which is a mystery/detective drama (similar to You Are All Surrounded in my opinion – but better) that has heart wrenching flashbacks and all of the childhood scars stuff that usually make me drop the drama. However! This drama definitely made it past the flashback hurdle successfully. The characters are all fast thinkers and figure things out at a rate faster than I think any other K-drama I’ve seen. I mean, for the first time, someone asked which hospital Cha Ji-An (played by Jang Na-Ra) was at. Not only are the characters amazing, but so is the plot. Although the characters do figure out events much quicker than characters in a typical K-drama (yes, even other detective dramas), there are unexpected events that occur that surprise the viewer. Also I like how this drama mainly revolves around one case, with a few exceptions (but those have to do with the main plot somehow too), unlike most other detective cases where there are multiple irrelevant cases. Okay, so last but not least. THE CHEMISTRY. AH. The leads, In-Guk and Na-Ra are perf together. They are cute, yet not too forward in their feelings. I like how their backgrounds are similar and Na-Ra isn’t playing the typical female lead who is clueless about everything. In fact, she graduated on the top her police class. She fights the bad guys too. At first, I was kind of iffy about this drama. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I watched this drama since I didn’t like her character in her previous dramas (School 2013, Mr. Baek, Fated To Love You), but I feel like she completely changed her style of acting. She is the perfect combination of cute and totally kick-butt, while not being annoying. And In-Guk has also definitely improved (and I don’t mean just his jawline). His acting is perfect! His character is rude, yet compassionate, and he portrays that ten times better than expected. I squeal so much inside in his scenes. Even though he is well educated, he still helps out the team. Every time the two leads are together, sparks fly. Anyway, I can’t wait until tomorrow!


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