Oh My Ghostess Episodes 1-3 Thoughts

So I just randomly decided to watch this airing drama yesterday called, as you may probably guess from the title of this post, Oh My Ghostess. I actually saw a couple clips of this drama before watching it and thought that it would  be pretty interesting. I mainly watched this because I’ve seen two of the female lead’s, Park Bo-Young, movies (A Werewolf Boy, Hot Young Bloods) and there was so much emotion in those movies. She is actually best known for Scandal Makers, but I didn’t feel like watching that movie because I had so many dramas to wrap up all the time it seemed. She portrays all of her characters so well and I love her acting.  Actually, when I found out that Bo-Young was doing a drama as an older woman and not a child, I was so excited, but I was initially put off my the premise as well as the main lead, Jo Jung-Suk. Yes, this was a bit misleading because I thought Wikipedia said Jong-Suk at first and I totally thought Jong-suk was going to be acting with Bo-Young again. But no :(. It’s the dude that acts with IU in that one drama. My Lovely Samsoon, I think. Just looked it up. Apparently it’s You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin. Anyway, that IU drama scarred me from him initially because him and IU are almost 20 years apart and he was SO creepy in the scene that I saw from that drama.

Woah. So I went really off topic. Anyway, in this drama, the characters all have a lot of depth. In three short episodes, I’ve grown pretty fond of many characters in this drama. In the first episode, Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) is an introverted girl who loves to cook and even has her own food blog. However, she is so introverted that she isn’t able to stand up for herself at all. She isn’t the typical shy girl; she is the shyest girl I’ve ever seen, just about. Even if something isn’t her fault, she’ll apologize. A lively ghost comes in her life and her character makes a 180 degree change. I don’t want to give away too much, but it is so fun to watch and that transformation truly shows how good Bo-Young’s acting is. Although it is probably pretty evident by this point that I mainly watched this show for Bo-Young, all of the characters are pleasant and there isn’t a single moment in this drama where I’ve gotten bored and skipped a part because all of the character’s stories are so interesting, and they all connect somehow, which is quite interesting to watch as a viewer.

Probably going to go finish the next three episodes that are currently out and then cry because I’ll have nothing else to watch. Bye!


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