Oh My Ghostess: Episodes 4-6 Thoughts

In these episodes, I was initially excited to watch for more scenes with Sun-woo and the Soon-ae posses Bong-sun. I absolutely love Park Bo-young’s acting of Bong-sun’s possessed self. How can someone be so cute and witty. Her possessed personality is also quite different from what I would expect from Park Bo-young herself, since all of the movies she’s been in have never had that sort of outgoing role. In a recent interview, Bo-young herself admitted that she was normally shy and that at first she was not sure how to portray the possessed Bong-sun character. So given the fact that I liked Bong-sun as a more outgoing character, I was very much frustrated when she turned back into her old self again. I was so annoyed by the change of character and the lack of new episodes that I commented under the dramabeans comment section. Usually I’m too lazy to do that kind of thing.

I also feel like Sun-woo fell in love with Soon-ae’s personality more than Bong-sun herself. It’s weird to think that Sun-woo used to like the PD lady, because Soon-ae’s personality has swayed him so much. Her personality is the type that you can’t not like after being around for so long. It brings much needed humor into a rather sad character. And it doesn’t hurt that Bong-sun’s face is oh so cute.

I hope in the next episode, Soon-ae can return and fix all of the problems Bong-sun caused with her shy personality.


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