Oh My Ghostess Episodes 7-10 Thoughts

The pacing in this drama is just too perfect. On the other hand, I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through. All I can think of is the tragic ending that Soon-ae will probably end up in. The trip the entire Sun Restaurant team took in episodes 7 and 8 was so adorable, and I like how there is now more justification in Soon-ae taking over Bong-sun’s body, since Bong-sun is allowing it so that she can win over her one-sided love, Chef Kang. I’m still conflicted as to who Kang Sun-woo really likes: Soon-ae or Bong-sun? Although it seems to me that he has fallen for Soon-ae’s charms. I was really happy that he finally confessed his feelings to Bong-sun/Soon-ae, but somehow I feel bad. If Sun-woo finally does it with Bong-sun, that will be the end of Soon-ae as we know it. I know the writers can’t do this to us because Soon-ae’s personality truly drives the drama so I still have hope in the Soon-ae personality to prevail, at least in the next couple episodes.

Something that is slightly creeping me out in the drama is the police officer dude. So he was taken over by an evil spirit, but why is he still nice? Although his part seems minor now, it’s a bit of a tease. And scary. I just hope the killings and bad stuff in the background get resolved quickly.

In general, I’m really liking the progression of this drama, and also the fact that Soon-ae has been making longer appearances. πŸ™‚