Sassy Go Go Review

So Sassy Go Go just ended and I’m still left wondering how I’m going to recover because it was probably one of the more heartfelt and fun dramas I’ve seen in a while. I have to admit, I mainly watched this drama because of the lead actress, Jung Eunji, who is the main vocalist of Apink. I have loved Apink ever since I saw Eunji’s first drama, Reply 1997, and ever since I’ve watched all of her other dramas and enjoyed them equally. Her acting is so natural and fun to watch. Whenever I watch her act, I want to know her more. Okay, back to the end of drama review.

This drama had a lot of twists and turns. I feel like at some points it got stuck in the subplots and forgot about the main romance. However, the most disappointing thing is that this drama is only twelve episodes, which is a bit shorter than the average length drama. Even though I questioned the lead actor’s acting ability and chemistry with Eunji, I enjoyed Won Geun’s character, Kim Yeol’s likability and authenticity. I’ve seen his other dramas, Wild Chives and Soybean Soup and Hyde, Jekyll, and I, and he didn’t seem like he had enough experience to match up with Eunji, but thankfully, he is one of the characters that grow because of Eunji, of I should probably say, Kang Yeon Doo’s, bright and pleasant persona. When he gets jealous of Kang Yeon Doo it’s so funny because he started acting like a little kid, unlike his normal, super-smart, composed self. It’s nice to see a change when he hangs out with Yeon Doo. One of my favorite scenes that I was dying to see didn’t come until the penultimate episode. Ever since I figured out that Yeon Doo and Yeol’s parents were going to get married (which was pretty early thanks to viki commenters), I wanted an encounter between Yeon-Yeol and their parents. Although the way I had the encounter pictured in my mind for weeks wasn’t the same way it eventually turned out, it was still good enough, and not to mention, probably one of my favorite scenes.

One other thing I have to mention: POOR JISOO. I feel so bad for him, I thought that if on the off chance, maybe just MAYBE, that Yeon Doo and Yeol were to become siblings, Jisoo’s character, Seo Ha Joon, would get a chance with Yeon Doo. I feel like he’s the loneliest character and needs some love in the story line.

The next thing I want to bring to attention is the Kwon Soo Ah situation. I feel like that basically drove the whole plot and now towards the end it just faded away and randomly back to the Yeon-Yeol situation. I wish that the producer had spent less time with the Soo Ah conflict and focused more on the cheerleading and the main romance. Even though Soo Ah’s aggravating and extreme measures did make the leads grow closer, I would much rather see their hatred of each other blossom into love through their different clubs battles or even through cheerleading (although a bit did happen then). Although it was obvious that I am mainly for the main otp, I could definitely relate to Soo Ah. Unlike many others, I wanted to strangle her at times, but I could totally understand the pressures that were put upon her, but I probably would not be as extreme.

However, in general, it was probably one of the cutest and best acting I’ve seen in a while from a high school drama. The chemistry, although the time the two leads spent together was ephemeral, was pretty good. The drama ended well and on a positive and happy note.


Favorite Kpop Albums

In the midst of all the high school and pre-college stress, I like to listen to some Kpop albums to just calm down and to brush away all of the bad things of the moment.

These are some of my favorite albums at the moment

I – Taeyeon

Welcome Back – iKon

Mad – GOT7

Older Albums that I really liked

2014 S/S – Winner

A Good Boy – Baek Ah Yeon

Play – AKMU

Pink LUV – Apink

MADE – Big Bang

Overdose – EXO

Hope you check some of these out and find them as therapeutic as I do! Thanks for being with me! 🙂

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