Descendants of the Sun: Favorite Moments from Episodes 1-2

Since I’m waiting for the next two measly episodes of DotS to heir (wow the puns still stay fresh eh?), I decided to just rant about the past two episodes. For these two episodes I sacrificed a lot (mainly just years on my life because I literally watched those teasers until I knew every. single. word). Anyway, the day finally came and it was GLORIOUS. Maybe it was just the hype but it was everything I had expected and more. It started off strong, with a random politician dude who’s facial features strongly reminded me of Ted Cruz, and other old k-drama men who are pretty much in every single k-drama that is worth watching. But the moment finally came. JOONG KI. His voice came before his face. And although his face was slightly masked due to his military attire OH MAH GAWD he looked so good. I think I sort of died in my seat. But I knew I couldn’t just die now, or then how else am I supposed to know what happens to Joong Ki?

Even though I came to this drama initially for Joong Ki, I also love to the bottom of my heart Song Hye Kyo. I have seen episodes of her past dramas and completely watched That Winter The Wind Blows, and I knew she’d be the perfect fit. When she finally came to the scene I knew I loved her and her character. Her witty comments and her ability to work hard sparked a connection in me and yeah, I just knew that I liked her. Even though our age gap is large, I feel like I could relate to her a lot and yeah…sort of vicariously living the dream through her so…Anyway, I’m glad she’s smart, assertive, and knows what is right and wrong (so far, but I don’t think that will change).

So far, the side characters aren’t really my thing, but I feel like they’re necessary to kind of get things going with the mains so I guess I’ll see about them in future episodes. Oh I also watched Jing Gu’s other drama, Falling For Innocence, in which he wasn’t really in the cast as much as a cameo, since (spoiler) he dies. And of course I struggled through Heirs. The weird part is that I didn’t even realize who they were until taremin let me know…

The plot so far has been great. A commander of the South Korean Special Forces Team and a hardworking surgeon. Seems like cute moments will spawn. And they did! Some cute moments that I enjoyed were when Mo Yeon (Hye Kyo) was admiring a picture of Sijin’s (Joong Ki) …ribs. HAHAH I laughed so hard but it was sooo cute in a non-cringeworthy way. Also the interactions (the phone deal, the introduction, and the soldier/doctor being too busy part) are so on point and I love how the conversation between the two progress.Honestly, I don’t think any two other people could pull it off this well. Another cute scene was when Mo Yeon was verifying whether Si Jin actually beat up a kid or save him and Mo Yeon’s reactions to Si Jin completely wiping out a mop of gangsters is so adorable and we can see the cute little smile on Si Jin’s face. Oh they are so cute! Oh also, Si Jin asks Mo Yeon to treat him in a specific spot and Mo Yeon pokes him in it and he totally exaggerates. It’s so funny because she actually finds out that he is actually hurt and then when she helps him stitch it up we get a glorious view of the abs. I love how Mo Yeon is completely nonchalant about this though. I’ve seen too many dramas where the female lead starts going crazy over moments like these but I like how Mo Yeon keeps her composure and tries to not scream. When Si Jin goes to Mo Yeon’s house for the first time, Mo Yeon goes to wash her hair, but to her dismay, the water stops. She walks out and Si Jin asks her if she even washed her hair and she (cutely) shamelessly grabs two huge water bottles from the fridge and goes back.

Before I get to the absolute worst part of these two episodes (in terms of my dying anticipation), I want to talk about the OSTs. AMAZING. I’m assuming that they’re going to continue releasing one OST per episode. The Yoon Mirae one was nothing less than what I would expect from her (loved her OST in Master’s Sun- bought it on iTunes too) and then Chen. Oh my. Chen and Punch’s voices just pierce my heart and continuously remind me of DotS. Their voices are so harmonious and perfect. I also bought this song on iTunes, which is a great honor because I do not like wasting money. I listen to it so much that I practically live the song and at this point I’m pretty sure even my dad knows this song. I can’t wait for the OST Wednesday. I think Davichi’s OST will be coming out and I heard the preview and already know it’s gonna be good. The only downside is that I think the Davichi OST will be mainly played for the second pairing, which isn’t really my fav, but ya know, things may change.

Okay. So for the rant about the end. In the end, Mo Yeon leaves Si Jin because she doesn’t like that his job is in the dark and involves killing people when she wants to save them. So yeah boo hoo. But that situation just brings them further together when Mo Yeon is to go to Uruk as a representative of her hospital and Si Jin happens to be there too! Woo! Aaand that’s how episode two ends. Now you know my dilemma and sadness.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this long and random rant and I will definitely try to continue to post throughout the duration of DotS!

Really need to get homework done….




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