Descendants of the Sun: Episode 1 Thoughts

WOW I did not expect the first episode to be as good as it was, considering my super low expectations! It was slow paced, but we really got to know the characters (all of which I love so far). I was hesitant to watch the episode since it was already pretty late starting it (10:30 pm, even though I slept 11 hours yesterday since I was sort of sick), I decided to watch it anyway since Sophie already watched it and might as well catch up. Anyway, my thoughts on this episode are as follows.

I love the OST so far, very fitting and beautiful—and of course it is, seeing how high-budget this drama was. I can already see the OST being overplayed though. I mean, they played that Yoon Mirae song probably more than once, and it’s only the first episode. Love probably isn’t even on the characters’ minds yet!

I also like the military aspect of this drama—the sense of duty, comaderie, leadership, skills, and organization that the military has. I also liked how the characters already have some history—Shi-jin, Dae-young, and Myung-joo have worked together before. Shi-jin and Dae-young seem to be close friends, and Myung-joo and Dae-young obviously used to be in some kind of romantic relationship. Myung-joo and Mo-yeon used to be in the same medical school class, and Myung-joo stole her crush apparently lol.

I really like these characters’ personalities—they’re distinct. Shi-jin so far does not seem like an alpha male jerk, which I find awesome, given writer Eun-sook’s history of jerk main leads. I was afraid Shi-jin would join the club of terrible-guys-parading-as-romantic-Prince-Charmings. I mean, we ARE only one episode in, so who knows, but from the get-go at least, he doesn’t seem to be going that route. I also surprisingly love Dae-young. He was in the drama Falling for Innocence which Sophie watched, so I didn’t know anything about him, but he’s pretty good looking, haha. His character is just absolutely loveable. He’s very stiff and stern, all-business and blunt (to a humorous extent) but also has a softer side to him, seen when he helps that kid. We see that he joins the military trying to escape a gang. It also seems like he is like a robot, but in a good way—like when we see a robot that is trying hard to love but is still made for a different purpose—he’s very blunt and will say things like it is, but also has feelings. Idk, that’s the feeling that I get from him. I unexpectedly like him since I wasn’t expecting much from him before. His personality is countered by Shi-jin’s laid back, easygoing self. I like how Shi-jin is also straightforward as he flirts with Mo-yeon, but not in a player kind of way. He does it in a sincere way. He also seems to not like getting into fights, seeing how he tried to back off when him and Dae-young meet the kid gang, although this may have just been in the moment and may not be shown in the rest of the drama. Mo-yeon seems like a decent character so far, as in, she’s not the Candy-like heroine that is “spunky” but can’t stand up for herself. I like how her relationship with Shi-jin is pretty normal and natural, with no forcing and “romantic” abuse in sight. I know there are some people who dislike how fast their relationship developed, but I for one don’t mind. They both have careers that are fast paced and are also adults in their thirties, so I doubt they would go the slow road of first love. I also like Myung-joo and Dae-young’s tension with each other. Can’t wait to see what that’s all about. I also didn’t expect this show to be funny but it has been pretty hilarious, with its deadpan jokes, for me at least. The cinematography and editing is also wonderful. Anyway, I like it so far. Not going to get my hopes up, though, since we haven’t hit the Mid-way Muddle that usually happens (looking at you, Cheese in the Trap). And their attraction is based on appearances right now, so hope they ground it something more concrete. And seeing this writer’s history, hope she doesn’t reduce the drama to just romance. For now, though, I’ll enjoy having Joong-ki back.


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