Descendants of the Sun: Episode 2 Thoughts

Underwhelming but solid episode. There was cheesy dialogue, but this was countered by the cuteness of the main leads. I’m sad that there hasn’t been any introduction of an overall plot other than the romance (which one would expect, given the “war” drama that this is supposed to be) but we should expect no more from Eun-sook, let’s be real. Heirs didn’t have much happen in the entire drama, so not going to expect DOTS to be fast-paced and action-packed (yes, I will make Heirs comparisons till the day I die).

I do like how Shi-jin is a gentleman, and we got to see his relationship with Mo-yeon grow, although it ends because of their love and priority of their own careers. I really felt for Shi-jin when he was on that movie date with Mo-yeon and he was reluctant to answer his phone from his boss—it makes me wonder what led Shi-jin to his position if he is constantly on call. I also hope there’s more to him than the surface level we’ve been seeing, but I really don’t have any high hopes for major characterization. We also got to see some of Mo-yeon’s low moments–her sobbing after failing to get her job while memorizing the lines for being a TV host got me! I did feel like there some filler scenes that weren’t necessary—did we have to have Mo-yeon become a TV doctor star? Did we need the beginning scenes of this episode where Shi-jin fights the US troop captain during one of their training sessions? Sigh, I think those scenes should have went to developing a plot about hm, say a war? Or maybe some plot with the military (like ranks or corruption)? These are just some thoughts. However, I like how this episode has more focus on the military life of Dae-young and Shi-jin. Maybe it’s establishing the “normal” world for the heroes, and it’ll all go into disarray once poop hits the fan. That’s what I’m hoping for, at least. Right now they don’t seem in much danger, and they’re there for “peacekeeping.” There was some foreshadowing with Shi-jin and Dae-young meeting that Korean-speaking girl that bought the gun to “protect herself”, so hopefully that actually leads to something about Uruk. The preview has me excited for the next episode. I’m still worried that this drama will focus only on the romance and forget about the war, or only have sporadic missions that in retrospect don’t have much to do with each other and are there only for the “cool” war factor. I need some war angst going on here, and I’m not talking romantic angst!! Glad we have Shi-jin and Mo-yeon finally in the place where the meat of the story is going to start, even though Shi-jin says he believes they are just passing each other and aren’t meant to be. The ending scene was nice; I’ve seen it from the earliest of teasers, but it was great to finally have context. Anyway, this episode definitely set the tone and my expectations for the rest of the series. I’m not going to expect a great drama, but I think it will at least be a fun ride. There’s lots of pretty to go around, even if the story lacks in certain departments.


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