Descendants of the Sun: Episode 3 Thoughts

This episode exceeded my expectations. There were a lot of cheesy scenes, but they help develop the relationship between Shi-jin and Mo-yeon to go beyond the shallower bond they had before. We also finally get a glimpse of the plot and conflict that is about to come.

One thing I’m really happy about is how the characters and conflict are actually changing. Instead of just repeating pointless scenes that reiterate character feelings (a la Heirs), we actually go somewhere in this episode. I like Shi-jin more and more; he seems to like Mo-yeon a lot, but he still apologizes sincerely when he realizes that he did stupid things. Mo-yeon is also independent, rejecting his hand when he offered her down from the boat and laying out her plans for what she’s going to do when she gets back to Korea. We do see some of her flaws in this episode; her arrogance shows a little when she tells Shi-jin not to interfere with the doctors anymore, and when she admits that she’s not here because she has a heart to volunteer. I like that we get to see this, and I hope Shi-jin’s weaknesses and flaws will also be explored. So far, I can only see that he seems impulsive and will follow what is right, even when it goes against orders (which makes me wonder what he meant when he says he’s a soldier that only follows orders—was what happened at the end of episode 3 an abnormality or does he do these types of things more often?). I’m glad that Shi-jin and Mo-yeon come into conflict about the helping people part, especially since Mo-yeon said before that she, as a doctor, wants to save lives at all costs, but some of her actions indicate that she may not care so much, as of now at least—hoping she gets to grow. We finally got some backstory to Myung-joo and Dae-young and their conflict is more prominent in this episode. We have a “love triangle” since Myung-joo and Dae-young date(d) but Myung-joo’s father prefers Shi-jin, but it’s not so much of a traditional one since I don’t get the feeling that Shi-jin really cares for Myung-joo in a romantic way, or vice versa. Which is refreshing to say the least. And there’s no perfect, golden second lead, either. Hoping there are no mean girls to be seen in this drama. It’ll be interesting to see how this conflict plays out, as Myung-joo’s father is Dae-young’s superior, and he can interfere to separate them. Also, let’s talk about the plot! We finally have some resemblance of a plot! YAY! There’s that UN truck incident, where they find trunks of hidden weapons, and there’s the scene of this villain guy shooting one of the “police” guys. Honestly, I’m just so happy that there’s a villain. I was worried that this drama would only have sporadic missions that have no connection each other but are only there to account for the “war” part we were promised in the promotion cycle before the drama premiered (as I’ve said before). I’m guessing that there’s some kind of organization going on that will start the war referenced in the preview of episode 4 *does happy dance*. I wonder if the Arab guys and the President have anything to do with this scenario. I think it’s so intriguing how Shi-jin disobeys his superiors’ orders, especially when obeying orders is so important in the military. Obviously he’s going to suffer repercussions from this. It goes to show that he’s willing to save lives even when it means sacrificing a lot. Well, we’ll see how things turn out for the next episode. Things are looking up for this drama!


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