Descendants of the Sun: Favorite Moments Episodes 3-4

This post is way overdue, but after the end of episode 6, the hype that originally came from waiting for a drama for about half a year had officially died down. However, these two episodes (3 and 4) contained some of my favorite scenes thus far, in terms of romance. After episodes one and two, I felt lost, like there was some hole missing in my soul. I was glad that Mo-yeon and Si-jin got the opportunity to meet up once again in Uruk, but I was dying to know how their relationship would move on. It doesn’t take too long, however, for the two main roles to stop the slow-mo, looking at each other from a distance thing, to actually meet and have physical contact. The scene where Mo-yeon steps on the “land mine” is so cringeworthy yet so adorable. Hye-kyo’s acting is so realistic that the parts that seem a bit cringeworthy become cute if that even makes sense.

It also seems that a lot of the other soldiers think Mo-yeon is pretty during the blood drawing scene, when the soldiers line up to have their blood drawn by Mo-yeon, even though she mentions that when she draws blood it’s rather painful. However, before any of those men get a chance to get their blood drawn, she spots Si-jin and insists that the captain should go first. Si-jin is so adorable at this point, writhing in pain before Mo-yeon even pokes a needle in, but the most charismatic part is when he grabs her hand to show her where the vein was, suddenly. Yeah, I almost died.

However, these cute and adorable scenes cannot compare to what occurred at the end of episode 3, when the President of Arab is about to die but Mo-yeon is told to not operate on him. Si-jin asks Mo-yeon if she can do the surgery, and Mo-yeon, after a super long pause, says “yes”, and, defying orders, Si-jin turns off his radio and pulls out his gun, causing ten thousand fangirls to swoon and pass out. At the end of this part, the credits start rolling in, and I can only feel anticipation for the next episode and a sudden craving for Subway. After the episode as I was thinking about DoTS and not doing homework, I had an epiphany. Although this might not be true, I think knowing about this makes the scene cuter and portrays Si-jin as more of a caring and compassionate person, instead of someone who simply follows orders. In the previous episode, we saw that Mo-yeon left Si-jin because she couldn’t accept to be with someone that kills others while she tries so hard to save them. I think the reason why Si-jin gave Mo-yeon the opportunity to save the President is not only to not damage her career as a surgeon but also to show that he didn’t want to win peace through death.

Woah that was a lot for just one episode. I’ve been having dreams about how episode 7 will go, so I wish it would come quicker, but also I need to get these done.

Anyway, in episode 4, the Gummy OST was released and I finally got to see what happened during the surgery. I was so scared from the preview that they weren’t going to save the President because I saw Onew’s character say something like, “if we don’t save him, we’re not going to survive either!” and so I was so scared for them. I was especially scared for Mo-yeon; if she didn’t save the patient, how would that affect her relationship with Si-jin, who risked everything for her? By everything, I mean he disobeyed orders, which is apparently a big deal in the armed forces. Anyway, I was so invested in the scene that I watched the scene roll out in the cracks of my hands; but in the end, all was well and good so hurray! I’m glad that Mo-yeon found out early on that Si-jin was sacrificing his own career for her and then gets to meet him outside the barracks so that they can’t see each other’s faces. Somehow, I find this even more heart moving than if they were face to face. Si-jin repeats his famous line that he must protect all beautiful women, the elderly, and children and Mo-yeon gave him a mosquito coil, which I wonder if he still has, because I know he still has the rock from the island.

Myung-joo comes to Uruk and her father sends Dae-young back to Korea. Yay for happy couples being together. They meet in the middle at the airport, which is like the climax of the Davichi music video, and Dae-young hugs her, surprisingly. At this point, I’m still feeling quite indifferent towards the two.

Myung-joo talks to Si-jin casually and Si-jin sees Mo-yeon going into the military tent. She is trying to defend Si-jin, who got demoted because of her. When they’re in the car together, they both get out, Mo-yeon says “I am very sorry that my concerns got in your ways”, she teleports back into the car, and leaves. I like how Mo-yeon’s words are witty and sharp (I’m guessing it could be from her background–the actress was born in Daegu) and that she’s independent, but somehow not the annoying type of independent. Because of this, I, and a lot of other people obviously, can resonate with her and vicariously live our lives through her. At a funeral that Si-jin goes to, we hear the voice of the man that says “you’re more  likely to get shot being around a man with a gun” in the trailer, but we still don’t know what role he plays in the drama. Mo-yeon and Si-jin meet again in a small house and Mo-yeon has some wine that Dae-young prepared for Si-jin. Moyeon mentions that whenever she saw movie articles it reminded her of Si-jin and then Si-jin goes in for the kiss.

Totally excited for the next episode, but at the same time, the ending obviously isn’t as terrible and heart wretching as the end of 2 so I think I’ll still survive.


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