Descendants of the Sun: Favorite Moments Episodes 5-6

These two episodes consisted of surprisingly a lot of english and drama.

So the beginning of episode 5 was a continuation of the kiss in 4, however, we see that Mo-yeon is pushing herself away from Si-jin, probably because she doesn’t want to be affiliated with someone who has such a dangerous job as he does. It was awkward, but at the same time I’m glad that they didn’t kiss because I think it’s still too early for the loving relationship to be at a comfortable level.

The next day, Mo-yeon goes to the hospital to see that the kid, which at the moment she believes is “Blackey”, is gone. Then Si-jin comes in and she is so embarrased that she turns away. AWWW. But in the end she knows that it is her responsibility to find the kid and goes with Si-jin. In the car ride, Mo-yeon is once again a cold woman who doesn’t really want to talk to Si-jin (which personally I like about her because she doesn’t give in to such a handsome guy like Si-jin immediately) and their ride is a bit awkward. They have a conversation, where Si-jin mentions that “I finally did it after thinking about it a thousand times”, and briefly thereafter I had a spaz attack.

After they visit the Blackey village, they go out to eat and Mo-yeon asks Si-jin why he wanted to be a soldier, and Si-jin caMo-n tell that she doesn’t like the fact that he is a soldier. Si-jin explains that when he sees trouble, he is the type of person that wants to interfere and help out. After they leave, we finally see the man who says “you’re more likely to get shot being around a man with a gun” in the trailer. We find out that he used to work with Si-jin and used to be well known, but he changed jobs for the money that comes with being in a gang. He exchanges a not-so-cringeworthy conversation with Si-jin in English (except the part when Si-jin randomly rambles off in Korean lol). He says that Si-jin is too empathetic and then Si-jin says one of the funniest things he’s ever said: “piss off”. LOL.

Not soon thereafter, Mo-yeon is in a dilema: she is hanging off a cliff in a car She was trying to call Si-jin earlier and thankfully he picked up and immediately went after her. The next scene acted out by Mo-yeon probably best shows how great of an actress Hye-kyo is. She cries into a recording what she thinks she will never get to tell her mom and her friends. Just in time, Si-jin arrives and tells her to let go of the brake, but she doesn’t want to. In the end, she is forced to and both of them plunge into the water.

We later find out that Si-jin was actually supposed to die instead of Ryan and Mo-yeon gets a walkie-talkie! When the Mo-si couple is having a good laugh, Myung-joo comes into the picture and tells the two that she will marry Si-jin. Somehow I am liking Myung-joo more and more these days. She is actually a strong girl who hides her hurt feelings.

As Mo-yeon regretfully leaves to let the two catch up on life, she stays outside of the room and attempts to listen to the conversation through a stethoscope. She’s so funny ahhahaha. While Myung-joo and Si-jin talk, we find that in the military, orders are greater than life and we can realize the big sacrifice that Si-jin made for Mo-yeon, signalling his love for her even though he doesn’t explicitly always show it.

The last two scenes I found funny and memorable in episode 5 was when Mo-yeon decided to hold the meeting in the military room and not the medicube because the medicube didn’t have a ceiling fan. When Mo-yeon pretends to be a renown singer and sings for the soldiers through the walkie-talkie and when the sunbae and Onew’s character act out a war scene through the walkie-talkie, it just made me laugh.

The ending scene consisted of Si-jin asking Mo-yeon if he should apologize or confess, to which I can imagine she will ask for the former.

I actually thought episode 6 to be a bit slow, though I imagine many would probably disagree. I loved Mo-yeon’s response to Si-jin’s question in the end of the last episode. Although she asked for an apology, she gave a legitimate reason (stating that he is dangerous) and stood her ground. Since Si-jin has left Uruk in the beginning, the plot slowed. Though I enjoyed the zip-line scene with Si-jin and the later scenes with Si-jin and Dae-young. I like how it showed that Mo-yeon regretted not holding onto Si-jin because she actually likes him despite the dangers. She thinks that she has now missed all of the opportunities with Si-jin…little does she know heheh.

I thought it was so adorable that when Si-jin went fishing alone, we got to see that he kept the stone from the island. The doctors from Haesung hospital are all leaving! Everyone is happy except Moyeon, who has a frown on her face, even as they are taking the promotional picture with the official banner. Oh yeah. I forgot she was here because of that creep Chairman guy. Anyway, I was glad to find out that Si-jin knew about that…sometimes I wish they would have a second lead to make Si-jin jealous. That’s probably just me though, everyone else would probably not appreciate that. I was also wondering why there were showing all these clips of birds, and apparently they stand for danger. Huh. Who knew.

Anyway, danger did strike and a huge earthquake impacted the powerplant, so the medical team stayed behind and started treating the patients, reminding me of D-Day, anyone? It showed that the doctors actually cared and was a nice scene. Then. The Special Forces return. T_T We see Si-jin again in his full glory (I tried to take a screenshot but of course some random dude had to walk right in front of him at that second). And they lock eyes. When they finally meet (in that infamous shoe tying scene from the teaser), Si-jin says “I can’t be with you” and they both wish each other well and leave without looking back. Sometimes I wish one of them would look back. /cries/

Super excited that episode 7 is airing tonight!

I am also currently listening to Red Velvet’s new album, The Velvet, on repeat right now. It’s so good. These kinds of songs are like my jam. I think I’m a slow jazz/R&N kind of gal.


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