Page Turner 페이지 터너: Episode 1 Review

So in attempt to cure myself from the dejection of college rejections and the kiver fever (Joong-ki obsession), I started to watch another drama: Page Turner! I’ve been anticipating this drama for quite a while since So-hyun is is one of my favorite actresses. Although she is young and doesn’t make many roles where she is not the younger version of an actress, I think I’ve cried in just about every drama she’s acted in. And of course Ji-soo’s first drama as the male lead, who wasn’t anticipating that?

Man KBS is really having a good year so far with this and DotS.

The earliest part of the drama that caught my attention was when So-hyun’s character, Yoo-seul, was listening to “Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet, one of my personal faves. When her mom came into the car, she immediately switched it back to a classical piano piece. HAHAHAH. That’s totally me. So from the get-go, it was definitely at some level relatable. We find that Yoo-seul is basically a piano prodigy (I mean we kind of get that from the trailer but you know) that learns to play the piano without ever being taught. Her biggest rival is Seo Ji-mok, who isn’t even on her level of prodigy but still tries to throw Yoo-seul off during a piano competition by improperly turning the page of the piano piece (he literally knocks it off the piano) but luckily Yoo-seul has all the pieces memorized. The shooting of the piano playing is quite realistic since I doubt that any of the young actors actually play piano. Yoo-seul is arrogant about her piano playing and Ji-mok basically goes to pray that something wrong will happen to Yoo-seul, and it does! Wow he’s so evil. She gets in a car accident and goes blind. However, even after all of that, her mom still wants her to practice piano. We find that Yoo-seul doesn’t actually like playing the piano, but only does it to please her mother.

Ji-soo’s character, Cha-sik, is pretty interesting too. He is a pole vaulter that breaks the Korean record at a price, the pole hurts his private part and the doctor finds that he cannot do sports anymore. His character is fun, he doesn’t have high standards for himself and just enjoys being with others and has a good relationship with his mom. His mom reveals that his father is actually a famous pianist, and Cha-sik decides that he’s gonna try to be a good pianist so he can meet his father who doesn’t even know him.

Cha-sik and Yoo-seul first meet at the hospital, when Yoo-seul is being treated for her eyes and Cha-sik for his bones. Yoo-seul asks Cha-sik to take her to the rooftop and he does. When Yoo-seul prepares to jump, Ji-mok interrupts and Yoo-seul finally says everything on her mind: the fact that she hates his face, that her mother keeps making her play piano, an instrument she doesn’t even like. Oh yeah, I guess Ji-mok felt bad because he even bought Yoo-seul flowers.

Anyway, as Yoo-seul jumps, she is caught on the ground by Cha-sik because they were in a parking lot HAHAHAHAHAH. Cha-sik told her that he knew she would do this kind of thing so he didn’t actually take her to the rooftop. It was sort of funny and embarrassing at the same time.

At first I didn’t quite like the blind plot, but So-hyun’s blind acting really reminds me of Song Hye-kyo’s acting in That Winter the Wind Blows, where she portrayed a blind character. It makes the arrogant female more vulnerable and cute in a way. I got to say, I wanted to pretend I was blind after that hehe.

Anyway, an incredible drama so far and definitely anticipating the next episode next week!


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