Thoughts about The Entertainer (Ep 1-11), past dramas, and life

So another episode of The Entertainer is coming out today (episode 12) and I felt like it was appropriate to write about my thoughts on this drama. After Descendants of the Sun, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to find good dramas to watch, and in a way, I was right. I kept fishing around rewatching old dramas (I Hear Your Voice-in which the prosecutor, Seo Do-yeon grows a lot as a person and of course Jong-suk is perfect ) and starting short dramas (Bong Soon). At first, I liked the fact that Ji-sung’s character, Shin Suk-ho, was mean and savage, but then he got nicer and it was sort of weird. But one redeeming factor about him is how much he cares the singers that he manages. I didn’t see the point that Jung Geu-rin (Hye-ri) had in this drama since I feel like the plot is mainly about the development of the people in the band. I feel like everyone in the band has a backstory and things changed about their lives after joining the “entertainer” band, but Geu-rin’s life has not changed much and she keeps trying to help the band, but somehow it seems like more of a side role. Even though she will most likely end up with Suk-ho, they haven’t had a kiss scene, and although many scenes imply that they have some feelings for each other, they haven’t done much to act upon their “feelings”, if there even are feelings remaining.

One side character that I really like is Yeo Min-joo, who also manages the Entertainer band. I like her personality and how she goes about doing things that she wants to do. I enjoy the character development that occurs in most of the class (something that is lacking in DoTS). I’m pretty excited to see what will happen to Lee Ji-young (I hope she goes to jail–but then doesn’t everybody? Ugh, she’s such a terrible person). And am I also the only one who just now realized that the little boy is actually her brother? I sort of just ignored that part until recently. Besides the fact that Geu-rin annoys me a bit, I’m actually really enjoying this drama but at the same time hope that there’s another good drama that I can get into, maybe one that I won’t have to wait every week for. I guess I just need to get into another good drama…sigh it’s so hard to find a good one these days.

It’s the last day of high school today and it’s kind of weird because I was so done with everything that had to do with school. So instead of missing everyone that I went to high school with, I found myself actually wanting to leave. But now that I’m no longer in high school, I feel sort of awkward because I don’t have any required assignments that I have to do anymore. I guess I should start cleaning around and cleaning everything up before I start leaving for my first job!

I’m currently on episode 16 of rewatching I Hear Your Voice, and they’re going on about life lessons.

Don’t live your life hating someone.

I thought this was something that can be applied to many life situations. Instead of hating, we should be more loving and the world would be a brighter, happier place.

This ending was sort of weird, but gonna cut some potatoes! Anyeong~!



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