Ghost Episodes 1-16

Since school ended last friday, I needed a drama to chillax and just have something to do besides school things. The beginning was very intense with all of the fire and blowing up and dying/killing that was going on. So after watching a couple episodes, because I could still tolerate So Ji-sub and Lee Yeon-hee, I decided to watch the series. It’s pretty intense and I sort of like how everything connects to one big plot. Lee Yeon-hee’s acting is like what others have said, sort of bland. I feel like So Ji-sub is carrying this drama, but it’s a good drama to just watch in between and still be slightly intrigued.

I’ve been rewatching past dramas (Marriage, Not Dating and Cheese in the Trap) and they’ve left me a bit disappointed. For both of them, I have 1.5 episodes left, I might just watch them both at the same time. At this point, Ghost is slowly fading to the background because each episode is so similar and that makes it a bit boring. Right now I’m watching meejmuse, one of the cutest people on YouTube, I just enjoy listening to her talk to the camera, no matter what the video concept is.



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