Thumping Spike Thoughts

In the beginning, I wanted to watch a short drama that would possibly lift me from these boring, dreary shows I was watching (Ghost, Cheese in the Trap, Marriage Not Dating, etc..). I was wary of the female actress since I didn’t particularly like her in her past works (I’m looking at  you, Madame Antonine). I honestly thought this drama was weird in that they would win based on how they felt that day, instead of actual skills. I guess this drama is mainly surrounding the romance so it makes sense in a way. I really liked the actress that played Son Soo-bin; her smile is so pretty and her face looks so innocent (she was the young female lead in Twenty Again). It’s weird because I liked this cute short despite the fact that I don’t like the lead actors. I think it’s the cute story line that sold it to me. Though the volleyball scenes appeared sort of fake to me at times, they really did try to make it appear realistic (though the fact that the last place team made it to first place in the end, is sort of unrealistic and cliche). The girl also did not look like she was a spiker since she was so short, but who’s complaining? It’s a cute, lighthearted drama that made me cringe in the best way.


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