I feel like I’ve finished a drama…

If you know me, I’ve been watching dramas these days pretty much nonstop, the only thing hindering me from continuously watching are my food needs. I honestly wonder what my parents think I’m doing all the time since it’s summer and I’m leaving soon for my first real job at UT. Anyway, yesterday I was thinking to myself, what drama did I finish after watching all day for the past two weeks? The answer to that is none. I have watched so many and have stayed on episodes 14-19 on most of them. I feel like it’s an obligation for me to finish most of them even if I don’t have any interest in them anymore, it’s weird. This is random, but yesterday I found this LINE friends game called LINE Rangers and it was so fun until I got to this one boss level and I couldn’t beat it so I have to now play all the earlier levels to level up my little LINE friends, so it’s not that fun anymore.

The other day I got really into watching MLFAS (My Love From Another Star) again, so I stayed up until 6:30am watching it (also I wasn’t feeling tired either). I don’t know how I could’ve missed so many parts because a lot of the parts felt new to me for some odd reason. I’m currently on the path to finishing The Entertainer, which is a cute and serious drama that portrays the livings of a band that was put together. I really enjoy the character development of the characters, but I also heard that the characters had changed greatly because of the audience response to Ji Sung’s character, Shin Suk-ho (apparently netizens thought he was “too mean”–personally I thought both versions of him were well acted, but there was no way he could get support by continuing to be mean, if you watch the drama you’ll understand…maybe). I’m currently on episode 15 of this drama and I fully intend to finish watching the remaining two episodes.

Now for the title, you may be wondering…but she hasn’t even finished a drama this summer yet? (Okay, actually I have…but it was a web drama, Thumping Spike, it’s super cute and has a plot that is perfect for any girl, or guy, no judgement, that needs a little more heart fluttery scenes in her life) So yesterday I just finished this reality series that FNC released a loooong time ago. It seemed so realistic and gave me more insight on how the K-pop scenes really goes down, although I know a lot of stuff was seriously edited and scripted probably. Anyway, that’s beside the point, the main point is that the show got me back into CNBLUE, probably my first favorite K-pop boy band/group ever. Which is weird because although they had made their comeback not too long ago, I didn’t even listen to their songs this time around (please don’t hurt me boices…). And this is coming from a girl who bought CNBLUE’s entire album (the one with I’m Sorry as the title track) and a couple of other songs, including the Heartstrings OST album on iTunes (oh the days when I had my iPhone–that reminds me, I finally switched over to Samsung :)). So yeah, this entire post was basically supposed to be about how I finished Cheongdamdong 111, but ended up being more like a life update. I kind of like these types of posts. Maybe I’ll do more of these.

Bye for now 🙂


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