Hiatus, Hiatus, Hiatus

So I’ve been on a forced social media hiatus for about four days now and it’s been fairly normal to say the least. I always got that feeling of inferiority as I was reading through other people’s posts and seeing what they were up to every day. Going on this hiatus made me realize that I could probably continue alienating myself and not use social media in my regular life, but I find it a habit to check it and see all of the updates. I used to feel like if I didn’t check my social media, I would miss out on what others are doing (and I guess I still feel that way –I really want to check my instagram, an app I mainly got to see what others were up to, and netizenbuzz for that matter).

Anyway, typing and thinking is making all of these bad thoughts that I recently got from facebook slowly fade away. But in three hours I face a larger problem: signing up for classes. I want to watch a drama but I’ve been on a forced hiatus from those for more than a week since most dramas on legal dramas sites are unavailable both in Korea and China. /cries/

The sad thing is that even though now I’m surrounded by more of my extended family (11 people in one small apartment room), it feels even more estranged because I never see them so it’s just awkward. I totally forgot that everything was blocked on the internet and how hot it is (outside feels like a huge sauna-plus there are tons of people everywhere, which adds to it I think). But it is nice to be constantly surrounded by others and feeling like people actually care about you.

I wonder what I will do back at home when I have faster wifi and nothing will be blocked (why is google blocked though). I guess I’m just going to be checking social media as soon as I turn my computer on again. Man, but living without YouTube is just so bad. Like my only source of entertainment is this game called 1010!, where I have yet to beat my high score of 8000-something.



I’m about to leave for the countryside and I’m not sure how spotty the wifi is going to be so the plan was to post this before but I just never seem to find the time to type, especially since it seems like I have to eat all the time. Okay, so onto the topic of eating. I eat so much it feels like my stomach is always full. I even yearn to feel the sensation of hunger right before meals because I’m always so stuffed and my relatives always tell me to eat more or try this new thing they bought. It’s not that it tastes bad, it actually usually tastes pretty good (except for that one time I devored a whole bowl of cold unsweeted red bean soup), but I’m so full that the smell makes me feel super oily for some reason. Maybe my mom is feeding me too healthily with all that organic stuff. My sister is super sassy and just leaves, but because I want to be polite I just stay sitting there until pretty much the next meal. When I wake up, my burps still smell like the meal from last night and I can’t even button up my shorts all the way x.x. I feel like I’m wasting my energy spent at the gym when I was in the U.S., but the food IS actually very delicious and healthy and there is a very cute baby in the house.


The next lengthy paragraph recaps in a terrible way my trip to Korea. Read at your own risk.

Anyway, to recap the Korea trip: it was great. Besides the constant scent of cigarettes and the arduous walking (one day I walked over 32 thousand steps x.x), it was like a dream come true. I constantly thought I was dreaming and still in the U.S., but I heard people talking in Korean and saw all of the celebrities that were plastered on their walls, buses, and billboards. I wanted to do recaps of all the places I’ve visited, but that seems like too much, so I’ll just recap the general places we’ve been. First of all, the Korean plane food (we took Asiana Airlines) was SO delicious. For the first three days, we lived in a hotel called Ramada in Dongdaemun and we didn’t even know where to go so we accidently went to a fish market for the first day! Actually, we ended up going to Gwanghwamun the first day too (oh and Myeongdong). The second day we toured the DMZ with a tour group. It was pretty cool and I wish we could’ve gone closer, but apparently one tourist got shot by the North Koreans before. Our tour guide was really great and that day we went to museums around Gwanghwamun and saw a Korean guard change and visited the Gyungbokgong Palace. At night we went to the dome in Dongdaemun and everything was closed because we went so late but I got some pretty footage. That night my dad was really tired and snored really loudly and I didn’t end up getting good sleep but I got a good 3 minute video.The third morning we went to this place in Dongdaemun to eat and it was SO GOOD. They served the side dishes first and my dad and I finished all the kimchi before the meals came. That day we moved to a hotel in Namdaemun and visited the Namdaemun (south facing door) and went on the Namsan (or N Seoul) Tower, aka single-awareness tower. I saw so many exo references everywhere lol. After that, my dad felt like it was okay to have dinner at 10pm and still return to our hotel (which was not going to be possible), but we did and went back to our hotel pretty late. The next morning we went to this restaurant and had this ginseng…WINE! Omg it was so gross and I can’t believe my dad thought it was ginseng; apparently I don’t feel anything though. Oh, I also tried a face mask I bought for the first time that morning. I went to a bookstore and saw Taeyeon’s new album in the flesh and we went to Yeouido and then to Gangnam but it rained super badly. We got to visit the SM Coex building and since it was raining we got to shop underground and buy these two cute Korean shirts! Our last day we went to the restaurant where Shining Inheritance was filmed and just walked around Myeongdong and Namdaemun. This was kind of boring and poorly explained but that was basically everything in a super long paragraph! Hopefully I’ll get around to compiling the vlog footage that I took and that will be fun. 🙂


Until a day with better wifi comes,


ps. Taremin I’m thinking about posting the food pics all together sometime….in the future.