Why all K-dramas are the same…and why we still watch them

I wanted to get into the habit of being at least slightly productive this winter break so I’m going to attempt to write one blog post a day. Actually, scratch that, I’m am GOING to write one blog post a day, starting today. I feel like writing, even if it’s just my own thoughts, will keep my thoughts flowing and stuff. Of course, not many things other than K-dramas pop into the head as often, so this blog will still contain K-drama related topics! I’m going to revive as many past blog posts as well (I’ve started many posts but haven’t been able to post them because there was not enough content on them and I found them kind of random and pointless–plus throughout the year I wasn’t able to finish enough dramas to do a complete review on them…what happened my first semester in college is another story). Wow that was a long parenthesis.

Anyway. In this post I decided to ponder on the topic of the title (it isn’t super great or amazing of course, just something I was randomly thinking about and then proceeded to write a couple lame sentences about and stopped), which is a topic that I had thought about when watching the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. One of the few dramas these days that reminded me of my early drama-watching days. I’m definitely a sucker for coming-of-age dramas, because everything is rather ideal and innocent, and there are fewer complications to deal with and –I’m just gonna say it– I fantasize that maybe it could happen to me.

Many people will say “Korean dramas are dumb; they always center around love”, and I strongly agree with that. K-dramas are mostly focused on developing the romantic relationship between the male and female leads, but I think that is the exact reason why people cannot stop watching them. To like someone is a wonderful thing–we can’t describe it exactly. It gives us a certain feeling that all living creatures can’t seem to ignore. On that note, two people sharing the same love for each other at the same time, at the same place, is miraculous to me. That’s why I watched, and continue to watch dramas: so I can replay that magical moment forever.


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