Weightlifting Fairy: Almost Over

Ugh! Why is this drama taking so long! They delayed one episode (14) last week so now I’m going to have to wait an extra week for the last episode, which I know will kill me. I’m currently searching for the screenshot of the comments I have made for past dramas on Dramafever, and I just remembered that I can go on the site and screenshot it again (go me).screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-2-59-13-am

So here it is. I haven’t posted in awhile on Dramafever since they’ve gone premium for most of their shows and there is no way I’m telling my parents to pay for Dramafever premium or am I willing to take the funds out of my own pocket.

This drama is just hitting me in all the right spots, and the cringe factor isn’t even as high as many coming-of-age ones are (I’m looking at you Playful Kiss–just finished rewatching it; don’t ask me why I did–will probably do a short review later). I’m surprised that Lee Sung-kyung, the female lead actress, gained enough weight to (sort-of) pass as a weightlifter, since she is a model (so is the male lead–random). Anyway, the parts I enjoyed the most were when the two leads interacted because they had so much chemistry with each other. I loved how Bok-joo (female lead) didn’t care about things outside of what she was currently thinking of at the moment, and I think that is something that made her an appealing character–whatever she did, she reached for it, without thinking much about it. People might describe her as a thick and stubborn character, and although I think that is true to an extent, I think that is her charm, because even though she can be stubborn, she still knows to distinguish between right and wrong (which was frustrating in Playful Kiss-see picture).


There were definitely some slow, filler episodes in the middle, around episode 9, but they continued to pick up the pace, especially with Jeon Joon-young’s (male lead) confession in episode 13. I would think this is a spoiler, but honestly it’s worth knowing since it’s more of a sigh of relief since we finally realize that the lead confesses and it’s not one of those endings where they just look at each other and smile and leave us hanging for the rest of our lives (I try my best to forget those). And although I’m sad that the drama will end in two weeks, I’m also glad. If they dragged it out for four or more episodes, it would probably start getting slow and then I wouldn’t have the motivation to even write a final review for it. I guess I’m already writing a review for it now, but I also will later on with my final reaction.

This post was sort of all over the place (written at 4am on a spurt of random creativity), so please excuse this one, I promise the next one will be more organized (on cliffhangers and the final couple episodes of Weightlifting Fairy). Also, I have to mention that I just found out that there is a Thumping Spike 2!! And the best part…all the episodes are out!! I loved the first one and the second one definitely doesn’t disappoint. Since I finished half of it already, I will probably have nothing to watch after this again and can work on writing more quality things haha..I am planning on doing a short review on all of the dramas I’ve ever watched so be on the lookout for that (because I don’t think I’ve reviewed Thumping Spike yet)! /hype hype/

I’m actually surprised that I have actually kept this blog thing going for a while (second day, whoop whoop) and I hope that even though these posts may not be long, they will be motivation for me to keep going. 🙂




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