What to do after a cliffhanger

Thought this post would be appropriate with the cliffhanger of episode 15 of Weightlifitng Fairy Kim Bok Joo, which was yesterday. I can’t believe that the writers are going to make us wait a whole seven days for the LAST EPISODE.

The past two episodes have been cringey yet cute(?). Like I usually can’t stand these kinds of things but all of a sudden I can? Anyway, is it spelled cringey or cringy? I feel like it’s the former but that always has a red squiggly line underneath. Anyway, I’m going to start using the former from now on. I’m so dying because the main lead is oh-so-adorable. Literally dying. Did I mention that it’s one of my desktop wallpapers now? Hehehe. One side note about this drama though: WHY DO THEY EAT EVERY 5 MINUTES??? I swear I want to eat a full meal when I watch this drama.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 12.13.45 AM.png

As every drama watcher has gone through the pain of cliffhangers, I decided to compile a list. Here are a few things I have learned as a seasoned K-drama watcher.

Some tips when you’re watching a currently airing drama and the last 20 seconds (the preview of the next episode) has made you a flying mess:

  1. Go on YouTube and watch the preview with English (or your language of preference, I’m just assuming English if you’re reading this) subtitles. It will at least make you feel slightly better. If there isn’t a preview with subtitles with your language, you can just watch it again anyways, making sure to pause every two seconds so you can get the full screencap to register in your head.
  2. Go back and watch pivotal moments of the episode. Even watch some OST music videos if those have come out.
  3. Remind yourself that the sun will still rise tomorrow and that you are still alive.
  4. Just continuously have the OST playing in the background so you can feel happy/sad (it really depends on the OST and how the cliffhanger was).
  5. Start doing the homework you procrastinated on with the drama. Don’t forget to shower and stuff.
  6. Start a new drama (preferably one that has all the episodes out). If it’s a good one, you’re in luck! If not, look for another one, but it’s still okay, at least it will ease the pain for the moment.
  7. Hopefully you have school or work the next day so the day will go by faster and you won’t have to waste time agonizing about it the whole day.
  8. Try to carry on for seven. whole. days.

Honestly. I feel for you.




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