Playful Kiss: Review

This winter break I rewatched this drama. Yes, I said it. I rewatched it. Somehow, somewhere in my memory, I thought it was a good drama to watch and I wasn’t watching anything particularly interesting at the moment so I decided to give it a rewatch.

I can’t believe I did such a thing; it triggered all my memories of the cringy acting on Oh Ha-ni’s (female lead) part that I did not want to remember. It’s actually interesting to watch things a second time, because you notice things that you didn’t pick up on the first time around. The main thing I overlooked the first time around were the subtle things Baek Seung-jo (male lead) did to show that he liked Oh Ha-ni. He is oh-so-slightly disappointed when she stops following him all the time (omg the stalking was uber cringe), gets jealous when she talks about another guy who shows interest in her (he didn’t eat his dinner- The picture below was the face she made when he threw away her portion of the dinner too), and kisses her once without her knowing (which is the biggest hint that goes to show that he likes her).

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 2.55.56 AM.png

Of course there were some good parts. I can’t remember the last time the male lead’s mom was actually in favor of the two leads being together in a K-drama. It’s so rare it’s like a gem. She stood up for Oh Ha-ni every single time a pretty, tall, and pretentious girl would stick to Baek Seung-jo, and she made petty side comments out loud.

One thing that I couldn’t stand about the female lead was her clinginess. At first I thought it was a little cute, but it got to be extreme and she started whining and do super cringey things that I even had to turn the volume down for. Even though I understand that she is not the smartest pea in the pod, she should give Baek Seung-jo breathing space. She never leaves him alone and always ends up upset with something Seung-jo did. She also relies on Baek Seung-jo too much. Everything in her life revolves around him and it’s like she can’t even make her own judgments without Baek Seung-jo.

One good thing that came from this drama is that I finally beat Minesweeper on Expert level (January 2, 2017)! This was when I was watching the drama and I was pretty proud of myself 🙂



Life update: Currently rewatching The Master’s Sun and working on a comprehensive drama review!




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