What to do when you are watching too many Kdramas at once

I get into this hole quite often. When I start watching one drama, but then one episode decides to wait until the next week to finish the final scene, so I desperately start a new drama, hoping that it will lift me out of the drama-induced depression.

First, find one drama that you particularly like. If it’s still airing, just stick to that one drama. When writing your drama list, put that drama and then put a space for the other dramas. Make your list so that it shows your drama priority.

Below is a list of dramas I’m currently watching. The drama on top is the one I like the most (also all the episodes are out for it). Then I put a space and have a chunk of dramas. These are the dramas that I will watch if they are still airing or the ones that still interest me. There is a hyphen on two dramas in this section. I use that to show that I am close to finishing those, so those are the priority when it comes to growing my completed drama repertoire. Below that is a drama that I’m sort of annoyed at the moment and below that is a drama I am trying out (not super great). And finally, on the bottom I put dramas that I want to watch or ones that are popular and should try to watch a couple episodes in the future. Lastly, I put the episode number that I am ABOUT to watch besides the drama, so I know which episode to look up. It is important to update this number often or you’ll end up watching an episode you’ve already watched if the number is not fresh in your brain. If you are in the middle of an episode, I normally write two numbers, the current episode and the minute number. I’ve been binging the first drama on the list so the number has not changed from 1, but it will before I close my laptop.

Of course, you can organize your list in any way, but I hope this list inspires you in some way. You can also have this on paper, but I find it easier to type it as you can continuously change the number without having to cross out or erase often.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 1.46.49 AM.png

An important step when you are watching a lot of dramas is to know how to strategically eliminate. I personally recently deleted 1% of Something, Let’s Drink, and Cheonghamdong Alice because even though I was pretty far into them, they were getting incredibly slow. When you are a drama newbie, you can deal with these slow, filler episodes, but these days I just keep getting frustrated over them and I know I just have to take them off the list and start afresh. This is especially true when you are busy for extended amounts of time (like school, or maybe a big work project). When I’m at school, seeing all of these titles waiting to be watched gives me a little bit of stress, but at the same time, I have the desire to finish watching them, so I transfer the ones that I’m least interested in to a Google doc, or just erase them into oblivion if they’re really not my style (aka historical dramas).

Just remember, having a lot of dramas to watch is better than not having dramas to watch, so be grateful!




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