W: Winter Break

I heard somewhere that, in our minds, we recognize strangers and our future self as the same thing. Because I am still writing to an audience (my future self), I feel full and satisfied when I put up these posts.

I actually accomplished a lot drama-wise this winter, but somehow I wish I could’ve used that time better. I finished Cinderella and the Four Knights, W, and 7 First Kisses. Am currently about to finish Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and Thumping Spike 2. Sigh. At this point even I think I’m lame. What am I even doing with my life. Recently starting watching a realistic drama about three women about to turn 40 called Can We Love? I really like how realistic is it and how each woman has their own problem, no matter how great they look from the outside. I really enjoy watching shows where there are multiple leads because the story entangling all of them never gets super old.

  • Yoon Jung-wan is a recent divorcee; after she divorced her husband, he got promoted to become a professor. Her mom lost all of her money to a scammer and her only friends are Sun-mi and Ji-hyun, both of who she was friends with since high school (I’m assuming, or middle school). Kim Sun-mi is an interior designer who seems successful from the outside, but on the inside she has never dated because of her harsh personality. Ji-hyun is a housewife who has a loving husband and two kids and all the money one could ever need, but suffers abuse from her mother-in-law and her rebellious alcoholic daughter.

I hope everything ends well for all of these girls in the end because of all of the hardships and sacrifices they had to make for their present. I’m always curious as to why the characters always have to meet at a coffee shop just to talk; they could talk on the phone or just on the road where they’re at. I also love how the music will be playing in the background, but then it suddenly stops when it cuts to a different scene, so funny.

Anyway, I am currently re-watching The Master’s Sun for the third time and working on a complete drama review that I will be posting. It’s currently done (yipee!).

I just don’t want to make myself forget how I felt this winter break, when I was so bored out of my mind because I had nothing to dedicate my mind to (that is, before I decided to post on here more often). Anyway, at least all is well in terms of my health (should probably exercise more but) and my relationships with others. On the bright side, at least I can be lazy and not be expected to do anything. 🙂

Sorry for the short and rather lame posts recently and in the future. I feel like the reason why I have shorter and shorter posts is because of my encasement in this house. Because I can’t do out and do the things I want to do (I have high seasonal allergies), I feel like it’s harder to make better content for this blog, but I’m still trying. I want to be able to talk about what’s currently on my mind, but at the same time it’s difficult because the words don’t flow out of my fingers the way it used to. And why can’t I go to sleep before 4am anymore?

To better days.





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