I was watching the television program Happy Together where one of the guests was Korean rapper Heize and something she said just really inspired me. She said that she was never a great student, always at the bottom of her class. When she asked her parents to move to Seoul to become a rapper, her parents told her “the only thing you have to do now is study; if you can’t even do that, how can we trust you to become a rapper?” So she studied.

When she presented her parents her first place paper, they allowed her to pursue her dreams as a rapper. Even as a rapper, she had a hard time, and had three part time jobs, but eventually she joined Unpretty Rapstar and got recognition for her skills.

Her short story gave me motivation to keep going on in school and continue doing my best, so that I can prove to myself that if I can survive the engineering curriculum, I can do anything else I ever wanted.


I started writing this post earlier on during the school year but never had the opportunity to post it because it was never fully completed. Aside from dramas, Korean music has influenced my life in many ways since I was introduced. It has made me a stronger person, more willing to conquer the challenges in front of me. It may sound weird, but to me, music is everything. Even if I lose everything on Earth, I hope I never lose the inspiration music gives me every day.




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