Music –What am I listening to?

In this blog I mainly talk about Korean dramas, but even more so these days I feel like K-pop is the reason why I still like Korean culture. Because yeah, Korean dramas do get boring from time to time, especially since after a while, they become a bit predictable. I used to be addicted to the flashy aspect of Korean music that most foreigners know, like Girls Generation, EXO, and INFINITE. But then I started branching out to smaller K-pop groups and appreciating their music. Because there are so many K-pop groups releasing new music throughout the year, these is hardly a lack of music to listen to, especially in the days when I liked older groups and had to do much more research on their older music. But music, unlike dramas, contains a broad range of genres. One genre of Korean music that I have learned to appreciate is the ballad genre. I don’t think the genre exists in America. Or maybe it does but it’s not very popular. Korean ballads are slow, serene, and meaningful (even though I admit I don’t know what they’re saying half the time).

So music-wise, I mostly listen to Korean songs, with a few American (love Charlie Puth) and Chinese (probably only listen to Jay Chou songs willingly) songs here and there. I’m currently trying to grow my Spotify playlist and I’m at the phase where I’ve pretty much heard every mainstream Korean song to death and appreciate OST and ballad-type songs much more. I have this app on my phone called musico and it’s kind of like a Korean Spotify, except there are unlimited skips for free (if you’re into that kind of stuff I strongly recommend)!

I will list a couple of Korean singers and songs that are currently my favorite:


  1. Baek Ah Yeon
  2. Taeyeon
  3. Heize
  4. Punch
  5. Juniel
  6. Eunji
  7. Junggigo
  8. Zion.T


  1. I Love You, I Remember You – I.O.I
  2. On Rainy Days – Beast
  3. Inferiority Complex – Park Kyung ft. Eunha
  4. Taxi – Sunny Girls
  5. Somehow – Jamie
  6. Stay With Me – Chanyeol and Punch
  7. Officially Missing You – Geeks
  8. Coffee-Reprise – Urban Zakapa






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