Drama Review: Heirs

Can’t believe I watched the whole thing.The conflicts never escalate and constantly repeat themselves; there is little to no character development (and when there is, it makes no sense).

It’s been three years since I finished this drama, and yet the two sentences above was all I had written about it. But today is the day…the day I will bring this post back to life! MUWAHAHAHHAH

I still remember the days when I counted down the days for this drama. I waited a whole summer for this drama.And to be met with such cliche and shallow characters. I blame 20 percent of this to Taremin, who told me about the upcoming drama before the summer (the other 80 percent was just me –so don’t feel too burdened, Taremin). I think I kept watching this drama from week to week because I kept my hopes up for the next episode to be better. However, it was like the writer threw in every cliche they could have ever conjured up and just wrote whatever they felt at the moment.

I’m trying not to bring back too many bad memories of the past, but I will continue to revive some old posts that I believe are deserving of a revival. Wish you all better drama days!




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