KDrama Slump

I was just reading through my blog randomly and read the first sentence of my post on Page Turner and almost laughed out loud. Here is the part:

“So in attempt to cure myself from the dejection of college rejections and the kiver fever (Joong-ki obsession), I started to watch another drama: Page Turner!”

I can’t believe I was this funny in the past (is it just me that thinks that?)! I think the lack of good current dramas are impacting me in a negative way: I can’t think of good things to say recently. I also feel like recently my posts haven’t been as funny because I just don’t have the same excitement anymore..maybe college has changed me. If that’s so, that’s really sad because I’m reading all these old posts and I came up with such funny lines. It may be because I’m making this more organized and official topics that I’m talking about every day. But I miss when I wrote just because I was excited about a drama and wanted to share it. Maybe these will be funny in the future when I read them? Hopefully. I feel like I’m going to run out of ideas soon.

I’m sort of afraid of the day that I will cease to like dramas. It brings me to the question: why do I even like dramas? In middle school, I liked pretty mainstream things. I watched Netflix, I listened to One Direction, and was rather athletic. Is it weird that now my main source of entertainment is Dramafever, that I only find enjoyment through Korean music, and that I live a sedentary life?  To me, Korean culture opened up a new world. A world that wasn’t playing the “melody in my head that I can’t keep out got me singing like na na na na every day”. Haha…I’m so weird. Anyway, Korean dramas and music were so different from the American drama and music scene that it was kind of my own little secret. It was nice to listen to things that most people around me weren’t. I bet that if I were living in Korea, maybe I would have thought the opposite and instead have been much more interested in American culture.

I feel like these days the types of shows I watch kind of branch off from the types of “flower-boy” shows that I used to watch on Netfilx in the beginning like Boys Over Flowers, Flower Boy Next Door, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and the like. Although I miss the days when I used to post individual episode reviews, a lot of dramas died off towards the end (I remember doing every other for My Secret Hotel, but I forgot where I stored the files for it). I used to start a lot of episode-by-episode reviews, but those died off as the episodes became less interesting and more dragged out. For Descendants of the Sun, I did a different approach and posted some of my favorite moments during the episode, because I didn’t want to forget the excitement of watching the drama. I later started bunching a couple episodes together because one episode didn’t have enough content for me to write something on. Looking back, I wrote a bunch of weird stuff just because. If I did have not just a slump, but a break from Kdramas, I don’t really know what I would be doing in my free time. Maybe I’d be doing something actually useful and learning a skill? Or maybe I would be playing games? Or actually, most likely, just mindlessly surfing YouTube?










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