Cheese in the Trap Final Review

Just recently picked this post back up and saw that it was last edited seven months ago (omg)! I decided to revamp this post and give my brief final regards to this drama.

I finished this drama in the midst of all my other dramas, and though the ending was frustrating, there were many scenes that were relatable and tugged on my heartstrings. The beginning when Hong Seol was going back to college was very relatable in how much stress she was going through. It really gave me strength through my senior year knowing that this drama was airing and would always be with me. Nam Joo-hyuk was also a cutie. When I got tired of the plot scenario and everything, I mainly kept watching for his scenes; I felt like I could vicariously live through the character of Bo-ra. Taremin knows someone who went to school with Nam Joo-hyuk and I’m just dying because if I went to school with Nam Joo-hyuk I think I would have perfect attendance.

In the beginning, I really enjoyed watching this show because I think it depicted how busy a top student’s life and the frustrations that came with it. But, when the drama became more focused on Yoo Jung and his creepiness (not sure how to explain), I started to understand the writer less and less. I think the parts that were pre-produced were very well shot and made, which is why I really enjoyed the show at first, but after, as the drama was being shot the week it was airing, the story stopped making as much sense and the quality also dropped. It was also for the first time (or one of the only times I guess) that I preferred the second lead over the first, which, if you know me, is a rare feat!!

Pretty excited because My Shy Boss is airing tonight, written by the same writer as the one for Another Oh Haeyoung (currently rewatching). I wanted to post every day, but there were two days in which I posted twice in a row, so I will be working on semi-productive things and also better posts!

Until next time,






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