2017 KDrama Year Predictions

I’m sort of disappointed in the following year because there isn’t a certain drama that is being hyped, but in a way that could also be a good thing, so I don’t go into 2017 with super high expectations. Looking back, 2016 was a pretty good year, starting with Descendants of the Sun, Uncontrollably Fond, and now Goblin. I guess the industry needs good content and actors to survive so it will keep coming out with new concepts. The first drama I started this year would be Can We Love?, which is similar to Sex in the City in that it is the tale of several middle-aged women who are going through different stages of lifeI’m still watching it, and it reminds me of the feelings I had while watching Age of Youth, but reversed: instead of showing the troubles of the younger generation before marriage, it shows the lives of women who have been through marriages and various hardships of aging. I’m also finishing up Thumping Spike 2, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and Master’s Sun.

Although I’m not expecting much, I probably won’t have much time to watch too much since I’ll be busy with work. Speaking of work, I wish I could somehow find some type of work to be doing. I’m glad that I have supportive parents who don’t expect me to be doing anything these days, but looking around at all of my friends around me who are all doing great things with their lives, I feel sort of left behind with an urgency that I should be pursuing something as well.

The above was written towards the beginning of the year and bellow are my drama expectations after doing a bit of research.

Just looked at the list of dramas in 2017 and so far I’m only super hyped for the Park Bo-young (drama: Oh My Ghostess movies: A Werewolf Boy, Hot-Blooded Youth, Speedy Scandal) drama coming out in February called Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Shy Boss, which is airing in a week! (Update: watching Shy Boss and it’s not living up to the expectations two episodes in). Also might check out The Package, with Yonghwa and Lee Yeon-hee, but both actors are well known for showing no emotions when acting so it’ll be interesting to see how they’ve improved since. There isn’t a lot confirmed for tvN dramas (which are usually the safest ones to watch, in my opinion), so there is still hope for some good casts and plots this year. SBS dramas are usually hyped by the public (the drama with Lee Jong-suk and Suzy is airing this year on SBS), but they always end up getting a lot of hate for turning out horribly. I can already see the Ji Sung and Yuri (Girls’ Generation) is going to get a lot of hate when Yuri fails to deliver. MBC dramas are usually a hit-or-miss for me, but I’m excited to see Kim Seul-gi on the line up on a drama, even as a side character (even though I don’t particularly like the female actress–she doesn’t show much emotion either). Excited for the Chae Soo-bin and Kim So-hyun dramas as well. Yoona is also having another drama, but I haven’t liked her past drama plots, so I’m probably going to skip on this one. Missing 9 is airing next week, with Jung Kyung-ho and Baek Jin-hee, so I might be watching that one (Update: this drama seems to be well recieved so far). The KBS dramas this year don’t seem too interesting, so will probably be trying out a couple episodes, or skipping them altogether. 

Wow, this post got to different from the beginning to the end. Of course I’m going to have a couple of expectations now, but there are still some things to keep me busy, so that’s nice.






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