Oh My Ghostess: Episodes 11-16 and Final Review

I know I said I would take a break from posting, but I couldn’t resist. I just wanted to bring back another post I had written awhile back and even not to posting. This drama was one of the best dramas I was watching at the time. I would probably rewatch it if not for the ending. Even though the writers tried to resolve a lot of the conflicts in the show, the main conflict I was having was between the ghost and Bong-sun. If you haven’t watched the drama, you are about to be in for a huge spoiler, but the ghost disappears and the chef learns about Bong-soon’s personality. I just can’t understand how the chef, one, is not creeped out by the fact that he basically fell in love with a ghost, and, two, that the ghost that he fell in love with is not the person he ends up with. It is just so confusing to me as to how that can be a resolution. Also, even though I think the acting was really great, the scenes were Bong-sun is not possessed by the ghost are so drab compared to the ones she is possessed. Can that even be morally right? I don’t know.

Sort of what I had mentioned above, but my feelings while watching (~7 months ago):

Not too excited about Soon-ae (the ghost) officially leaving Bong-sun’s body. Although Bong-sun is cute herself, Soon-ae’s personality is more fun to watch on screen, and it seems like there is less and less of that. I know I’m probably in the minority when it comes to the possession aspect of the drama, but I truly liked it best when Soon-ae was with Sun-woo. Their chemistry seems more real; it almost seems fake when I see Sun-woo and Bong-sun liking each other because the chemistry with Soon-ae and Sun-woo seemed more real. I am happy that Bong-sun’s personality seems to have changed and that she’s not as timid as before, but it is still not the same.

I should be spending this time writing essays for things that will actually impact my future, but here I am because that is the person I am. Hopefully I will enjoy these in the future.




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