Kpop Tag (40 questions) with Taremin

So it’s been awhile, I know. But seeing how it’s late at night with a full load of studying to be done, when’s a better time for a comeback post than now?

Questions are taken/inspired from :

1. Favorite solo artist

2. TOP 5 Bias Groups
SNSD, SHINee, Oh My Girl, Big Bang, 2PM

3. Do you ship anyone?
Dandyu and Taengsic but both of this ships have mostly sunk, sadly.

4. What fan groups(s) do you identify with? (i.e. VIP, Blackjack, etc…)

5. How did you get into K-pop?
I knew about kpop before, but didn’t take it seriously. Someone I knew shared a SHINee kpop video back in 2011, and I originally clicked on it to have a good laugh (it was “Ring Ding Dong”, so you can imagine). But then I clicked on “Gee” in the recommended videos and from then it was history.

6. Do you know how to speak Korean?
Only a couple words, so not really.

7. Have you gone to any K-pop concerts?
No, but when SNSD has their 10th anniversary tour (and they will, mind you, they will) I will be there.

8. Do you have any K-pop merch?
Yes. Not much, though.

9. Do you watch variety shows?
Yes, but not continuously.

10. TOP 3 Biases?
Sunny, Joy, Insert-Shinee-Member-Of-The-Week-Here
Honorable mentions: Nana, Suzy, Seungri, Suga (putting these here for future reference)

11. What was the first KPOP song you immediately liked upon hearing?
Taeyeon’s “I”

12. A K-pop group you really don’t like or don’t want to give a try?
This is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Twice that much. I liked their first title track, but “Cheer Up” and “TT” are grating to my ears now. I do know that they are THE girl group now, but I’m not on that boat.

13. Do ya got a feelin that ur Loof is on fiyah?

14. Who is your LEAST favourite idol/ female or male?
It used to be Tiffany, but currently I don’t dislike her as much as I used to.

15. Do you listen to solo artists as much as groups?
Not as much, but I do listen to solo artists a bit (not counting the ones that are or used to be part of a group).

16. What has been your favourite comeback of the year?
Seventeen’s “Pretty U”. I must have replayed Vernon’s rap at least 200 times, if not more.

17. What is your least favourite concept/era from your favourite group?
My least favorite era for SNSD would be “Lion Heart”. The song wasn’t bad, but while the concept was different from the usual in kpop (it at least varied from the usual school girl or outright sexy concepts), it got old a little quickly. It felt like a regression from their growth as a group musically and concept-wise. I feel like SNSD should have more mature and diverse concepts at this point of their career. Something like “Mr. Mr”, “Catch Me If You Can”, or “Karma Butterfly”. Just saying.

18. Has your bias acted in any films or dramas at all?
No, and I’m so sad. Sunny was being courted for “Age of Youth” but she turned it down. At first I appreciated how she knew when to turn down an offer as an idol with little acting experience… but I still want to see her acting…

19. Are you one of those ppl that stans over trainees or groups before they debut?
I did keep up with SM’s SR14B trainee group (I think that was the name) because they had epic dance choreography videos. But then they debuted with the whole NCT concept, and needless to say, I’m not a huge fan of the NCT system nor their current songs. As far as groups before they debut–not really. I usually wait for them to release music and perform officially before I make a decision whether to stan or not.

20.Who was your first bias ever in the KPOP industry?
Sunny from SNSD and Onew from SHINee.

21. If you had a Korean name, what would it be?

22.Who would you want as an older brother?
I suppose someone from Super Junior? Or 2PM’s Junho.

23. Who would you want as an older sister?
Red Velvet’s Wendy. She seems very caring and compassionate.

24.Funniest couple?
Any ship from SHINee? They’re so hilarious when they’re together. That’s all I can think of right now.

25.If your bias kissed you, how would you react?
I would run away, probably.

26.If your bias asked you to marry him/her, how would you react?
I wouldn’t want to marry my bias.

27.Worst-looking idol?
NCT’s Yuta. I’m sorry, but what did that plastic surgeon do to that poor boy??

28. TOP or G-Dragon? (Big Bang)
G-Dragon. Much respect for that guy.

29. Which company is your favourite?
SM. Most of my favorite groups are from that company. They have high production quality. I end up liking most of the title tracks of their groups.

30. In terms of looks, which group is the best?
This is a tough one. The first one that comes to mind is EXO.

31. In terms of songs, which group is the best?
I listen to SNSD’s songs the most, so them, I suppose.

32. Which group would you prefer to be classmates with in real life?
APink. They seem so down to earth and relatable.

33. Who would you want as a best friend?

34. Who would you want as a boyfriend?

35. Who would you want as a friend with benefit?
No one…

36. Who would you want as a husband?
No one…

37. How many kids will you have with him then?
In general I’d want three kids.

.38. Which K-pop star do you wish to have a body like?
Seohyun. She has such good proportions.

39. Which K-pop star do you wish to have a face like?
Nana or Suzy.

40. Lastly, which group would you prefer to work with in real life?
APink. If I could be in a girl group, I’d be in APink.


Well, that was fun! Hope you enjoyed reading this. Now, back to studying!


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