Descendants of the Sun Favorite Moments: Episodes 7-10

Hello! Back with another favorite moments post about DotS. I got behind without even realizing wow. Anyway, these two episodes marked the halfway point in the drama, and boy did a lot of things happen. Although it was reminiscent of the earthquake in the past episodes, there were parts in episode 8 that redeemed the slower parts in 7.

Anyway, onto the plot and favorite scenes. Episode 7 starts off with a short replay of the end of 6, with Si-jin saying that he can’t be with her (the exact translation was “I can’t be with you, so please be careful”) to which Mo-yeon replies with a curt “you too”. Then they both walk off, without looking back, which honestly breaks my heart because I want them to be together so badly. During this scene, I think the most realistic part were the tears welling in Mo-yeon’s eyes.

I think it’s also super cute when Si-jin listens in on Mo-yeon’s conversations on the walkie-talkie. I like how Si-jin has to rely on Mo-yeon to help with the patients so they can have their Mo-shi moments. When the two have to talk about which patient to save  (the impaled man, or the man crushed by the building) they finally get to talk to each other face to face after the last shoe-tying encounter.


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