Note to Future Self

I want to maybe make this into something that I try to do once a year. I will probably forget, but I at least wanted to try this out.

Hi dramaqueensoph of the future! I feel like future me will be pretty similar to current me, especially since I’ve already gone to college for a bit. Maybe a bit wiser, hopefully a bit taller.

It is the year 2017, which is so weird because I used to feel like 2017 was so far away that it was supposed to be in the far future, but I’m living it right now. Nothing too significant is happening in my life right now, but staying at home 24/7 is definitely not a good thing to be doing. I feel lazier and less inclined to do anything. Yesterday I went to the gym to go swimming and I did 100 yard freestyle and got tired and went to the hot tub. I feel like I should try to work out more, but I need definite motivation, like school, when you have to walk to your classes.

I hope that when you feel like you’re running low on motivation you start to remember the man who bikes four hours to go to work at a fast food restaurant and the guy who works three jobs and doesn’t even get to sleep every day. And the millions of Americans that donate plasma just for the extra money because their jobs don’t give them enough money. I just finished watching a television series about working Americans so I’m still feeling the feels that Diane Sawyer delivered to my soul.

I never really know what to write in these types of posts; I had written (a very cheesy) one to myself at the end of my senior year in high school and I have to say, the main things I have to say to myself still remain pretty much the same: I hope I never lose my passion for the things on this blog and that I continue to work hard and have a future with things I will not regret. Although that mission is ambitious, I hope this short message to myself will resonate with the person I turn out to be.

I am pretty proud of how this challenge to make myself post more on this blog has turned out. I think my end goal was to write 25 articles in total on this page, and that has worked out pretty well. I feel like I might even exceed that goal.





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