Good Study Tips

Recently I’ve tried to take some notes on how to be a better student. Here are some of the main points I took away from that:

  1. Be mindful of your goals [with my desire to be able to take Korean for at least two years, I have to work hard and succeed in my required classes]
  2. Review your notes
  3. Read the textbook out loud and summarize what you’ve read
  4. Plan your weeks and DO IT
  5. Prioritize your activities
  6. Find a good place to study (that will also give you sufficient exercise! i.e. walking to the library)
  7. Find motivation (this leads back to #1)
  8. Have spaced repetition

Some tips when studying:

  1. Stand up (when studying) and move around more
  2. Reward yourself (from time to time!!!)
  3. Sit near a window
  4. Do a headstand (or put your head below your heart)
  5. Watch a YouTube video if you get stuck

Here are my super colorful and beautiful notes 🙂


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