Rounding Off January

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ve always looked to quotes for life motivation, but I thought of including them in the beginning from now on, to just remind me of some good quotes out there. This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt really gives me the energy to do things that I think I can’t possibly do, but I test myself to my limits and when I do the task in the end, I feel so proud of myself. Quotes like this give me motivation to go on with my day with my own type of flair.

Even though this month-long venture has taken a lot of physical effort out of me, I am still glad for it because I was able to finish a lot of posts that were just left hanging and basically crank out a lot of other topics that could decide the path of my blog entries. Although it was a lot of work and planning, it was honestly super fun writing on this blog regularly and coming up with good topics to write on. It would be fun to have these kinds of short moments of activity and I was always grateful for having a place to put my thoughts about things that mattered to me the most.

Although I’m not sure if I did actually make it to 25 posts this month, I know for sure that there will be 20, which is quite a lot in my book. Pretty proud of myself for coming so far and surviving college again. Somehow after being home for so long during the break, I am missing home much more. Maybe it’s because I had to ride on the plane there alone.

Anyway, still watching a couple of dramas actually. I think I’m going to stick to the ones that are currently airing, although I might get a couple episodes behind with school work and other work. I am hoping that I will be posting more frequently; I am currently thinking about posting once a week on Fridays, and making this blog a regular, fun thing to do after a long week of class, but we’ll see. I might have to combine a couple weeks worth to actually have something decent. Hopefully I’ll be writing again soon!




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