Coming Off Across As

Do you ever feel like you come across as someone different than you imagine yourself to be?

To hide my insecurities about how smart everyone is and how I need a ton of help from others just to do something, I feel like I push opportunities away. I know I just need to study and work hard, but that’s all I’m doing right now and nothing is working out for me. I don’t know if I should just ignore the situation or address it, but I feel like my life is simply too busy to sort anything out at the moment. I guess I never really realized how much of a mess my life was in until in physics I just started crying for no reason. I don’t know how my life got to this point in only one short week, but I tried to get involved on campus, and my course load has gotten much more difficult. I feel like everyone around me is doing fine and getting all their stuff done, while I’m just sitting here, suffering and not knowing what to do.

I feel like life is a test, a test of whether you can stand the challenges put up against you and survive. In a drama I watched in the past, Another Oh Hae-young, the quote “if you survive, you win,” was said by the male lead. Although this quote isn’t an ultimatum, I think it is very true when it comes to situations that are so hard and confusing that make you mentally lost.




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