Currently just another Friday after a barrage of assignments throughout the week. Too tired to even find a quote, maybe I’ll make my own today.

“Just keep going, only if you keep going will you be able to surpass your limit.”


So yeah, I’m pretty lazy right now because I have so much to get done and definitely not enough time. Going to try to relax for a bit, but meanwhile, here is a completely irrelevant post. I think it’s important to point out one’s flaws because if you don’t see them, then you can’t improve upon them.

I didn’t really think about my flaws until college because recently I’ve been regretting a lot of things I’ve been doing.

-brags too much (I feel like I got better at writing, but actually it was just in comparison to my 8th-grade self …)
-talks too loud (especially during times I shouldn’t be)
-wishy-washy (can’t really decide)
-makes things more dramatic/awkward than they need to be
-bad mindset sometimes
-doesn’t think much before talking, and regrets a lot afterwards
-don’t know when the line is crossed

good aspects
-relatively good at judging others
-kind, mannerly
-honest (relatively)
-funny (at least, to myself)
good aspects of myself from others:

I was kind of surprised that the few people I asked pointed out that I was enthusiastic when I feel very dead in college. It makes me feel happy that I can possibly make others feel energized as well.

I feel like I’ve compiled this list partially out of embarrassment and partially out of the need to improve on the aspects that aren’t positive. I feel like in college I’ve regretted a lot of things that have happened, but I haven’t had the time to regret upon those enough.


Here’s another quote relating to the music I’m currently listening to!

“Let’s not get sick” -Zion.T

Currently listening to Zion.T to study and it’s pretty efficient! I love his music, how it’s laid back, but lets the listener bop to the beat at the same time.





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