March Music Favorites

This month was a bit disappointing, but that’s okay because I feel like April will be a good one. The beginning of the month started pretty strong with:

Fingertip by Gfriend. I initially really liked the concept, but then the song got more and more annoying to listen to. It’s not as fresh as their previous songs.

A Girl Like Me by Gugudan. I really liked this song when I first heard it, and E.motion even got first place on the official group cover contest!

I Will Go to You Like the First Snow by Aliee. I’m still listening to this one, and it seems like most of Korea is too as well.

Fox by Joy. I also really enjoyed I’m Okay, which featured actor Lee Hyun-woo, who is her co-star in the drama Lovely Love Lie. Currently my favorite airing drama.

-Recently I was watching Unnies Season 2, and I’ve been listening to Hong Jin-young’s songs again. Reading the lyrics to them give her songs so much meaning and listening to her backstory makes her a much more relatable person.

I actually lost the list I wrote for this month was completely erased on accident, so I don’t really have a comprehensive list.

It’s Spring Break and I don’t know how I’m still not done with Full House, a drama I started in the beginning of the week. It’s not like I did a lot of other things either…where did the time go..




I’ve become scared

I think I realized that hanging out with people who are so different from who you are is that I’ve gotten more scared of doing things. Things I usually wouldn’t hesitate to do, I know hesitate. I wonder, will people judge me? Sometimes I just do it before I get the chance to think about it, so that by the time I think about it, I’ve already done it. I’ve never been the kind of person that did things to get recognition from others, I mainly did things that I thought was the right thing for myself, which tended to align with what society thought was appropriate in a way. I think it’s important to challenge yourself, but what happens when you are not forced to do anything anymore. It scares me more than having a busy schedule.

Maybe everyone is just always conscious of themselves, but my mind has been in dramaland for so long that I forgot about the real world.

I haven’t written something legitimate for so long that it’s hard to come up with content to write about, even if it’s just my thoughts.