Really Really Need New Music Recommendations (April 2017)

So Winner released their double title tracks in the month of April. I was initially really excited, but then the hype left quickly when the beat wasn’t catchy enough for me. Their songs, Really Really and Fool were good, but I found the style not as unique as their debut album, which I guess it hard to live up to. Even so, I feel like Winner could have been much more successful if they didn’t delay their comebacks so much. In the beginning of the month, Taeyeon also released the final single in her My Voice album, titled Make Me Love You. Not super “in love” with the song, and the music video isn’t too great either. I feel like Taeyeon is slowly losing her touch with slow ballads, or maybe she’s been given too many mediocre songs with little impact. I feel like because of this, recently IU’s songs have gotten a lot of attention. I really get an artist vibe from her recently because of the investment she puts in all of her songs in the album. You can feel the internal struggle she feels as not only a celebrity, but a person, in every one of her songs, and they mesmerize you. Each song has its own character, but at the root of it is very much of a laid back, truly IU feel. In the K-pop industry today, I feel like there has been a lack of connection between the singer and the song. I know a lot of great singers in the world don’t write their own songs, but when they do, it has a greater impact on the listener, as we are able to further connect in the minds of the singers. At first I didn’t really like Night Letter or Only I Didn’t Know, but they slowly grew on me and I can feel IU’s sincerity in every line.

Not super impressed with the music this month, but IU will have to do for now. Next month is GD and TWICE, so I guess we’ll see how that goes.

Throwback song of the month: Sejeong’s Flower Road.

Until next time,




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