Produce 101 Season 2

Who knew that I would be watching this show? I first watched the “Pick Me” of this season and was immediately turned off by it. All the guys in the video seemed similar to me and I couldn’t really see the difference in personality for each person. It just seemed a bit contrived to me. It was not until I had started watching the cover “Downpour” by IOI did I discover the world of Produce Season 2. I was immediately drawn towards Kim Jae-hwan, the main vocalist. However, as soon as I saw that he was safely in the top 11, I stopped worrying about his position.

Yesterday, I saw that Jin-hwan was rank 13 and got worried. I started watching all the Jae-hwan videos on the history of the web. I don’t know why, but I just started getting more attached and wanted him to win more badly. I feel like I haven’t been able to gauge the personality and backstory of a lot of the people on the show this season; it might be because I watched the show less closely this time around. His voice is so great that it would be such a waste to let him. I really want Jae-hwan to make it because not only does he have an amazing voice and amazing talent, he has been training for five years and is currently an independent trainee.




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