Produce 101 Season 2, Wanna One

Because I am currently obsessed with this show and slightly sad that Wanna One won’t be releasing music until August, here is my super personal Wanna One bias list! I wasn’t intending on posting this here (as I did these things often with EXO) until one of my friends asked if I had written this for a blog post and I had realized that I hadn’t posted here in a while. I was currently watching episode 7 of the show, where they are continuing the position evaluation songs. I had followed one person on this show, but recently decided to rewatch the whole show so that I could get all the inside jokes and learn how the Wanna One members got to where they are. I did not forgot about my monthly music favorites post either, currently compiling one for the entire summer.

As background, Produce 101 is a show on Mnet where 101 K-pop idol trainees go on the show and are voted on by the general public (known on the show as “national producers”) to create the top 11, who form a temporary group after the end of the show.

Bias list rearrangement after watching produce 101 episode 3
1. Jaehwan – must I even say something? Perf vocals, visuals, funny, cute, and hardworking!! Jaehwan please debut with Sewoon or something.
2. Daniel – I didn’t really get the Daniel hype at first (when I wasn’t interested in produce 101), but after I started watching I totally understand. Daniel is so thoughtful and caring, even though he is skilled.
3. Sungwoo – he just caught my attention with his good looks and bright personality! He seems fun to be around and close to Jaehwan. And also Daniel seems close to Jaehwan too, although Daniel is basically friends with everyone.
4. Woojin – I like that he’s talented and works hard. He can’t get along with the others as well so I feel bad for him too. It was cute to see his ugly past lol. But the reason why he is so high is because when he said “are you kidding me” in his accent it was so cute loll.
5. Sungwoon – THIS GUY IS GOLD. He knows his stuff. He knows what has to be done in a situation (aka bringing Daehwi down a notch). He also sang with Jaehwan in Sonagi and he was really good. He also looks good in glasses.
6. Jihoon – his face is so cute.
7. Jinyoung – I felt bad for him because he was in F after reevaluation, but his face is so small omg! I hope he does well in the future.
8. Guanlin – I can sort of relate to this kid. He doesn’t know Korean as well and he’s not as talented, but his Korean is not bad for someone who’s only been in Korea for 6 months!
9. Jisung – expression king omg. The last minute decision to make him center in Boy in Luv along with his weird facial expressions during the first evaluations gave him a lasting impression. Also he is the same age as Woohyun from Infinite, which makes me a little sad, but he can do it!!
10. Minhyun – I actually don’t dislike him as much as before. He chose Jaehwan to be on his Sorry Sorry team, which was a good choice, obviously. He seems earnest and nice and is pretty okay well around, but nothing in particular stands out.
11. Daehwi – he is so selfish and keeps wanting for the center!!! So annoyed…at least Sungwoon spoke up about it (during Boy in Luv stage). And happy that Daehwi made Wanna One instead of Samuel I guess. 🙂





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