My Golden Life: Episode 41-52 Thoughts

After watching dramas, especially really good ones like My Golden Life, I feel like I always have so much to discuss with others, but since I don’t really have that other person to do it with, I’ll just do it here.

Episode 41

I never thought I would ever be saying this, but I really like Ji-soo’s character now. This episode really showed her natural development from the innocent, bread-loving girl, to a cold-hearted woman. We, as viewers, know she is not acting nonchalantly because she intends to hurt those around her but is doing it to protect those who are most dear to her, and she can only do so by leaving them. When Ji-soo called Do-kyeong for the last time before leaving, she said “I didn’t know you were the one drying seaweed, I love you”. Do-kyeong was confused, but she follows with “Please tell that to Ji-an”, and I cried in this drama for the first time in a long time. The drama has been centered around Ji-an and Do-kyeong for so long (with almost no progression in their relationship; practically Ji-an telling Do-kyeong to go back to Haesung Group to no avail) that it was starting to get bland, but with Ji-soo about to leave to study abroad, everything changed; Ji-soo realized her priorities and, in the end, found what mattered to her the most. I’m not sure what will happen in the next episode, but I hope that Ji-an and Do-kyeong reconcile…which is what every viewer is waiting for, isn’t it? But that probability doesn’t seem high, knowing Ji-an’s personality, and Do-kyeong’s new will to appease Ji-an, even if it means to leave her alone. It’s pretty late now but I’m so shook from how good this episode is that I can’t get myself to go to sleep right now.

Episode 42

I want to start off by saying that this episode was probably one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a long time. Except for the Ji-tae scenes, which I’m not a big fan off, I loved every scene. Ji-an and Do-kyeong finally understand each other and talk to each other comfortably. Although we can see that they both love each other a lot, they know that for themselves and for each other, not being together is what is best. I’m still rooting for their relationship, but I wish there were more scenes of them when they started to like each other, because I don’t even think they officially ever dated. I’m glad to see that No Myung-hee is reminded of herself and her husband when she sees her son and Ji-an together, but that doesn’t change much about her personality. I guess it would be unnatural for her personality to change just like that. But for once (!), Ji-an seems happier than normal! I think it has to do with Ji-soo and Ji-an reconciling, but somehow, it still feels a little awkward to me. I’m so glad that Choi Do-kyeong’s dad has finally burst and is just done with his wife and all of Haesung Group, and reveals to No Myung-hee that he knows the true reason why No Myung-hee lost Choi Eun-seok 23 years ago.

Episode 43

I’m glad a lot of things resolved and are going smoothly. I’m so excited that Ji-an and Do-kyeong are finally officially dating!!! I’ve been waiting for this since, literally, episode one, and it has finally appeared.

Episode 44

WOW. I never imagined that Do-kyeong’s mother would let him get married to Seo Ji-an. But for some reason, I feel like it sounds like a threat? Also, the background music sounds suspenseful and creepy.

I love this drama so much I don’t know how to explain how much this drama means to me now…I got a member in a dance group I’m in into the drama too..

I’ve been pretty busy these days, so I haven’t been able to write as much…hopefully I will have more time when the next couple episodes come out because it’s getting really good. :)!

Episode 45

I, like a lot of characters in the drama, thought that Choi Do-kyeong would eventually have to return to Haesung Group, but the fact that he was adamant about starting over on his own really surprised me! I feel like even though we got to see a lot of moments with Do-kyeong and Ji-an, they weren’t real moments; somehow they all felt a little fake to me. When they were happy I didn’t actually feel like it was because they truly felt that way, but because they wanted to do the most that they can do in their one week of dating. On the other hand, I feel like Ji-soo and Hyuk are becoming more natural and comfortable with each other. I’m so curious about Do-kyeong’s grandfather and what will happen to him. Honestly, I thought Do-kyeong was handsome because he was rich, but now that he decided to start over, Do-kyeong and Ji-an’s relationship seems more realistic. I’m so curious as what will happen now that Do-kyeong and Ji-an will stop dating and Do-kyeong hears about his grandfather.

Only one episode this week because of the Olympics…but that’s okay because I’ve been pretty overwhelmed recently. I’m also planning on making a webpage on My Golden Life for a school project, so I’m excited to start on that! I’m planning on including clips that I’ve subbed and translated, as well as some stuff I’ve written from this dramaqueensoph website.


A draft of the website I’m thinking about making for this drama!

I don’t know why, but I’m already a bit sad. This drama has been such a big part of my life for so long that I forget how it felt to not have a family that felt like my own to look forward to on the weekends.

Episode 46

Wow. It just got super dramatic with this episode. As soon as I thought it was going to slow down and focus on Ji-an and Do-kyeong, the writers take the story on another route and all the secrets between the Seo and Choi families are getting revealed. On one side, I like the fact that Do-kyeong went back to Haesung Group, but I find it annoying that everything is just in a mess and people are forced to compromise their conscience to protect other things that matter to them. Even though this episode was full of surprises, I don’t think the next episode will continue to be interesting, but rather frustrating, and again sad. I think it is just Ji-an’s fate to remain sad and stressed.

Episode 47

I can’t believe they made Seo Tae-soo actually have cancer in the end!! And no preview!! This family went through so much, and they don’t deserve this!! Also so shook by the fact that the grandfather is actually getting fired from Haesung. Overall, this episode seemed to go by faster than the rest adn exceeded by expectations! 🙂 I really like Ji-hoo and Seo-hyun’s relationship the best in this drama now haha. Gonna go work on website now…

Episode 48

Episode 49

Episode 50

Episode 51

Episode 52

It’s so weird that everyone changed so much, especially the parents. Usually it’s hard for elders to change that much, so it looks so weird. Also, I’m a bit disappoint that Ji-ho and Seo-hyun didn’t end up together. When Seo Tae-soo died, I felt the same as if my dad had passed away. I wish that Ji-an would stop pretending to not like Do-kyeong. I think it’s weird that everyone changed a lot, but Ji-an still feels like she hasn’t changed much.  In the end, it was expected that the ending not be super great since the drama has been going on for a while, but I still thought it resolved a lot of the issues throughout the show, even if it seemed to be a bit unreasonable at times.

Still one of my favorites though, definitely worth watching if you have even a bit of time on your hands.


My Golden Life Episodes 1-38: Review and Thoughts

So far, 38 episodes of My Golden Life have aired. Why is this drama so popular? I’ve been pondering this for a while, and I think I finally have a more solid answer to that question.

My Golden Life is a long weekend drama that consists of multiple intertwined stories of primarily two families. It depicts in a realistic manner how different families live day to day, and puts them against each other as contrasts: contrasts of a seemingly loving family, to a family that seemingly has it all.

The first family that is introduced is the Seo family. The main character of this entire show is Seo Ji-an, a hardworking girl in her late 20s that goes through many tribulations that test her perseverance, loyalty, and heart. Her family at home consists of six people: her parents, a twin sister, a younger brother, and an older brother. The beginning of the show depicts her as a girl who can do anything, a girl with a lot of pride and confidence in what she does. However, we can see that her efforts are hindered by those who utilize wealth to manipulate others.

Because she works so hard, she doesn’t have many friends; the only person she earnestly confesses her troubles to is not often seen throughout the show. Out of all the people around her, it is obvious that Ji-an cherishes the girl that she believed to be her twin for 23 years, Seo Ji-soo. But because of Ji-an’s mother, Yang Mi-jung’s decision to switch the twins and ultimately send Ji-an instead of Ji-soo to the Haesung Group family, the relationship between Ji-an and Ji-soo is forever severed, as seen when Ji-soo leaves the Seo household and goes to live with her biological parents (Haesung family). You can honestly say that Yang Mi-jung started everything. I did, and I hated her for a long time because of that. Why does everyone else have to suffer because of what she did? is what I thought. But I think this is where the family aspect of the drama really shines through and shows how much a single decision impacts a closely knitted group of people, like families. We want to hate our families for certain things that they do, but ultimately we can’t because of all the past we shared with them in our lives. Ji-an also cannot stand the futility of her hard work and decides for herself that she wants to move into the Haesung Group family. Although Ji-an’s mother started the problem involving the Haesung Group family, Ji-an also wanted to believe she was the daughter of Haesung Group, because she was so tired of her life, so tired of being poor.

Because of the coincidence that one of the Seo twins is the daughter of Haesung Group, the two families get intertwined and we get a deeper look into the Haesung Group family. On the surface, in which Ji-an looked into the family, the family has everything anyone could ever wish for. But they have rules that prevent anyone in the family from doing things any normal person would do. We find out that they have strict lessons, have to constantly be under the watch of people, and watch out for their image, as it will harm the Group. When Ji-an first moves in with the family, although she was amazed at everything that the family possessed, she soon realizes that she can’t be herself; she had to play the role of a “perfect daughter” and follow the rules of the family, rules that no one would dare to disobey. At least, not until Ji-an and Choi Do-kyeong find out the truth about Ji-an not being the actual daughter of Haesung Group. Because of this, I feel like the turning point of the show is not when Yang Mi-jung lies, or even when Ji-an moves into the Haesung Group household, but when Ji-an tells Choi Do-kyeong, the oldest brother in the family, the truth, and implicitly asks him to break a rule.

After Choi Do-kyeong realizes that his family has been tricked by Ji-an’s family, he naturally gets furious, but because he has observed Ji-an for a while and knows how earnest of a person she is and how cruel his family could be to hers, he unknowingly begins to become more protective of her, while fully knowing the consequences. However, the protective feeling he had for Seo Ji-an wasn’t just due to his noblesse oblige practice, which he seems to be very fond of; he was moved by her perseverance and drive to do her best, a characteristic that made her a relatable and likable character. Unlike anyone in the Haesung Group family, she wasn’t handed anything, but worked her way up by herself. As Korea’s society becomes more and more result-oriented, this kind of mindset seems to be more common, leading people to feel stressed and hopeless when they can’t achieve their intended results. But especially in that kind of society, there are people who don’t have to work as hard as everyone else, and that’s what makes life frustrating. Because of all the realistic portrayal of these occurrences, viewers that are going through difficult situations will be able to relate to Seo Ji-an’s situation.

Episode 38 ended with Ji-an’s father, Seo Tae-soo, leaving the house and the entire family gathering to hear that he tested negative for cancer, but instead has an “imaginary cancer”. At this point, the Seo family had gone through many tribulations, but the announcement of Seo Tae-soo’s cancer-like symptoms brought the family once again, closer, and I think this would allow the whole family to rethink their actions and accept each other into their hearts again.

Even though I think the main family storyline in the drama is the Seo family, I find the Choi family quite interesting. Maybe it’s because it’s more mysterious to me? In the past, we find out that Do-kyeong’s mother, Noh Myung-hee, disobeyed her father in marrying Choi Jae-sung, Do-kyeong’s father, so I wonder what the story behind that is. I think Noh Myung-hee also had a time where she disobeyed her father, and I feel like because of that she will probably grow to understand Do-kyeong’s thoughts much better than her father. Although she seems daunting and unapproachable on the outside, I can see glimpses of the human inside of her when she cared for Ji-an, and I think that side of her will come back, hopefully sooner than later.

My Golden Life‘s main point of the family is why it’s appealing to a wide audience. Instead of putting its focus on the development of the love line, we see the development of two very different families, going through very similar struggles in life. Because we are able to see the families situations, even though the story seems to be outrageous, when considering it from that perspective, it becomes reasonable and even relatable.

Anyway, I can’t wait for next Saturday (the last Saturday of my winter break ㅠㅠ), when we’ll see some development in Seo Ji-an’s family. I’m also curious on what Do-kyeong will do now that his grandfather blocked all of his investments. We finally see him “giving up” on Ji-an (basically just ignoring her for a day), and his past secretary, Yoobi (Yoo secretary), from when he worked at Haesung as vice president appears again, telling him that he’s been waiting for him to go back to Haesung. In this case, Do-kyeong doesn’t have any other option but to go back to Haesung, but I feel like he’ll still try to create a smaller project and make money that way, in a way that his grandfather can’t intercept. Also, I know it’s still too early for Do-kyeong and Ji-an’s complicated relationship to be completely resolved, but I hope they can still figure something out and just hang out like normal people who like each other. When is Ji-an going to stop suffering?





I decided to start something new last month and I wanted to introduce it here:

It’s a Korean radio music and talk show I’ve always wanted to start, and I’m finally getting the opportunity to do it. But for some reason, I still feel a hole in my heart. Is it because my dad won’t let me study abroad? I never really wanted to admit it, but now I’m almost 100% sure of it. This entire break consisting of me staying at home and wasting away days, weeks, and now an entire month, has made me realize, how deeply I want this dream to come true. Even though I try to imagine my life without it, it’s like my brain refuses to. I still can’t make sense of it though.

In the midst of feeling burnt out from school and just life in general, I decided to write this post on my Facebook page. It’s just so ironic how life is. We are grown up with society telling us to find something that we like, but once we try to pursue the one that we decided to like a lot, it’s somehow no longer accepted by society. When I was little I thought I knew why people continue to enjoy their lives, but now I realize that people just continue with their lives because they can’t die. We’re born already tied down to too much.




2018 Welcoming Post on Facebook:

𝐒𝐨𝐚𝐩𝐛𝐨𝐱 #𝟐
‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍
I never thought it to be possible for the year to end, but here it is, the end. It’s kind of a weird feeling because I’m still laying on the floor of my room, just like how I was the past two weeks, but somehow everything is supposed to change in about five hours from now. I still haven’t done anything or accomplished anything worth noting besides maybe finishing 32 episodes of ‘My Golden Life’ in two days, and subbing the final scene of episode 34 as a result. Next year I’m somehow supposed to be better. Wiser, smarter, faster, but if I’ve learned anything in my past 19 years of life, is that it doesn’t. Life doesn’t get better because you make a tiny wish to yourself for it to be better. At least it didn’t for me. Even so, every year I still carry a tiny bit a hope. Hope that maybe, maybe this year I’ll be able to do something I’ll remember for years and years and be proud of. Cheers to a somehow “better” year. Welcome, 2018. ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍
‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍

저는 올해가 끝날 수는 있다고 생각하지 않았지만 여기 있다: 끝이. 느낌이 참 이상하다. 왜냐하면 전 아직도 방 바닥에서 눕고 있다, 지난 이 주동안 처럼. 근데 다섯 시간 뒤에 어쩐지 다 바꿀 건다. 저는 이 방학에 이상적인 게 없구요, 그냥 ‘황금밫 내인생’ 이틀에 32회 다 봤고 34회 마지막 장면 편집했다. 내년에 전 더 좋아하게 돼야 된댄다. 근데 제 인생동안 이건 아닌다는 결정한다. 그래도 매년에 저는 작은 희망을 가지기 있다. 아마, 아마 이년에 저는 드디어 제가 자랑스러운 건 할 건다. 환영한다, 2018.

My Golden Life 황금빛 내인생

I can’t believe it’s already 2018 because 2017 seemed to drag on to no end (even though I didn’t get to post in here enough because I felt like I was constantly busy).

I feel like I haven’t updated in here much so I’ll do a mini recap. Over the summer, I watched Produce 101 Season 2, went through a phase with the idol group Wanna One, and BTS performed at the AMAs. I covered Red Velvet’s song “Peek A Boo” with four other friends in two days (and came out alive somehow), and I got back into I.O.I, even though they’re long gone now. Last semester was probably the hardest semester of my life, but I managed to survive (again, somehow) and retain my gpa. My parents won’t let me study abroad, even though it’s the only thing I want to do right now. This winter break I was really burnt out, so I watched up to the most recent episode of My Golden Life (episode 32 at the time) and decided to start subbing episode 34, and thus my Soap’s Box facebook page came to be (since it was blocked on YouTube). Similar to My Golden Life, my life is quite boring and limited by the depressing society.

But I think that’s the exact reason why I’m attracted to My Golden Life, because of its relatability. Although it’s not the exact life I’m living, multiple aspects can pertain to almost everyone. In the beginning of the drama when Seo Ji-an was working hard for her place in the world, it really struck a chord with me. I saw myself and how much I suffered to get through last semester. Although I think most people will be able to empathize with Seo Ji-an and her perseverance and sense of justice, there’s a character for everyone to relate to and that’s why so many people watch it.

Also, over the break, I’ve started I’m Not A Robot, a drama about a guy with a human contact allergy and a girl that pretends to be the robot, once the real robot with her face is broken. The pacing of the drama is a bit weird; it’s fast at times, and dull in others, but it’s still a good story overall.

I’m currently rewatching I Can Hear Your Voice, and I remembered why I liked Lee Jong-suk so much in the past. I think I’ve seen almost every popular Lee Jong-suk drama because since I Can Hear Your Voice, I really liked his acting. After watching it for the second time, I realized that I didn’t even notice the second guy, Lawyer Cha, and how much good of a pair Lawyer Cha and Jang Hye-sung (the female lead) would have been because I only noticed the things Lee Jong-suk’s character, Park Soo-ha, did for Jang Hye-sun. I just finished this show at 6am last night (1/3/18), and realized how bittersweet the ending really was. I guess the first time I was watching, I was just happy that the story ended with the two leads living happily ever after, but I was blind to all they had lost in the process: their innocence and countless people in their lives.