My Golden Life 황금빛 내인생

I can’t believe it’s already 2018 because 2017 seemed to drag on to no end (even though I didn’t get to post in here enough because I felt like I was constantly busy).

I feel like I haven’t updated in here much so I’ll do a mini recap. Over the summer, I watched Produce 101 Season 2, went through a phase with the idol group Wanna One, and BTS performed at the AMAs. I covered Red Velvet’s song “Peek A Boo” with four other friends in two days (and came out alive somehow), and I got back into I.O.I, even though they’re long gone now. Last semester was probably the hardest semester of my life, but I managed to survive (again, somehow) and retain my gpa. My parents won’t let me study abroad, even though it’s the only thing I want to do right now. This winter break I was really burnt out, so I watched up to the most recent episode of My Golden Life (episode 32 at the time) and decided to start subbing episode 34, and thus my Soap’s Box facebook page came to be (since it was blocked on YouTube). Similar to My Golden Life, my life is quite boring and limited by the depressing society.

But I think that’s the exact reason why I’m attracted to My Golden Life, because of its relatability. Although it’s not the exact life I’m living, multiple aspects can pertain to almost everyone. In the beginning of the drama when Seo Ji-an was working hard for her place in the world, it really struck a chord with me. I saw myself and how much I suffered to get through last semester. Although I think most people will be able to empathize with Seo Ji-an and her perseverance and sense of justice, there’s a character for everyone to relate to and that’s why so many people watch it.

Also, over the break, I’ve started I’m Not A Robot, a drama about a guy with a human contact allergy and a girl that pretends to be the robot, once the real robot with her face is broken. The pacing of the drama is a bit weird; it’s fast at times, and dull in others, but it’s still a good story overall.

I’m currently rewatching I Can Hear Your Voice, and I remembered why I liked Lee Jong-suk so much in the past. I think I’ve seen almost every popular Lee Jong-suk drama because since I Can Hear Your Voice, I really liked his acting. After watching it for the second time, I realized that I didn’t even notice the second guy, Lawyer Cha, and how much good of a pair Lawyer Cha and Jang Hye-sung (the female lead) would have been because I only noticed the things Lee Jong-suk’s character, Park Soo-ha, did for Jang Hye-sun. I just finished this show at 6am last night (1/3/18), and realized how bittersweet the ending really was. I guess the first time I was watching, I was just happy that the story ended with the two leads living happily ever after, but I was blind to all they had lost in the process: their innocence and countless people in their lives.



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