Hi! I’m dramaqueensoph and I discovered Korean dramas on one auspicious day on Netflix. Since then, my main hobbies have been to loyally watch the newest airing Korean dramas, randomly belt my favorite K-pop songs, and constantly dream about living in Korea. Korean dramas have defined my life since 2013 and this blog is a recollection of all those moments: the cringey, frustrating, and exhilarating ones.

Hope you laugh as much as I did reading though this. xoxo, dramaqueensoph


Learn about my 2017 self: Interview,

Or how I felt about learning the language: Learning Korean TAG,

Or read a rather cringey post on what started it all: How KDramas Changed My Life.


Taremin, my day one in the Korean culture world, will be posting recaps and other Korean news/updates on this blog too.

Hello! I’m taremin. I was first introduced to Korean pop culture a few years ago, on a fateful September day, when I clicked on SNSD’s “Gee” on the recommended videos list. As a result of my love for SNSD and kpop, I also got into the world of dramas and basically everything else Korean culture. When not spending my days mulling over the latest kpop releases or SNSD videos or addicting drama, I enjoy reading, watching other non-korean TV shows (*gasp* is there such a thing? yes, yes there is, especially when it’s Gossip Girl. and anime), and walking my beloved rambunctious crazy pup Tati.
Why is my username taremin, you ask? Well, back in the day of Boys over Flowers and City Hunter, I was obsessed with Lee Minho (so that’s where the min comes from); am not currently obsessed with LMH anymore. Tare comes from my lub of tarepandas.
Thanks for having me! 



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